I agree with a letter to the editor in Wednesday's edition. The writer was unhappy with all of the articles in our local paper that are not about local people. We need more local news about local folks.

I think our paper would not have enough to line a bird cage were it not for all the hearing aid and furniture ads and the articles copied and pasted from the AP to fill the pages. Our paper is getting smaller and smaller.

Were it not for the crossword puzzles, and Mark Kennedy, Mark Weidmer and Jay Greeson's columns, I'd cancel my subscription.

We need more local news and more reports of local area sports teams.

Debbie Pataky, Lookout Mountain, Georgia


TFP is 'the best' major newspaper

My son lives in Ringgold and my daughter lives in LaFayette. My wife and I live in McDonough, Georgia, and usually try to visit them and the grandkids twice a month.

The first thing I do when I get to LaFayette or Ringgold is stop and buy the Times Free Press. I love your paper, and I find it to be properly balanced in reporting.

I read complaints about it on the editorial pages, and I would love to tell those who "dis" the TFP to try reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a paper that I detest because it is so liberal and left-wing in reporting.

I am a retired truck driver and have bought newspapers in most of the major cities. I am of the opinion that the Times Free Press is the best. I love reading Pastor Bo's columns, Bill Stamps and Dr. William F. Holland.

I just wanted the editors of the Chattanooga Times Free Press know that it is an excellent newspaper, and I will continue to buy it whenever I am up that way. By the way, I have been a loyal reader since 2007.

Joseph Conkle, McDonough, Georgia