I'd like to cite a New York Times article on Oct. 15, "Ohio Was Set to Purge 235,000 Voters. It was Wrong About 20%. When Ohio released a list of people it planned to strike from its voting rolls, about 40,000 people shouldn't have been on it. The state only found out because of volunteer sleuthing."

States seem to be in the business of keeping you from the ballot box these days. Did you know in Tennessee, if you've missed out on voting in the last two presidential elections, then you're probably not registered anymore? Let me count the ways voting has been made more difficult.

Don't let anything or anybody keep you from casting your ballot. Go to to see if you're still registered. Or better yet, register. It's your sacred right and your civic responsibility as an American.

Don't wait until Election Day to find out you can't vote.

Kerry Lansford


Why can't GOP rein in rampaging Trump?

Why is the Republican Party unable to influence POTUS? It should be apparent that POTUS is totally out of control.

This latest move in Syria leaves blood on your Republican hands. This trade war with China is another one of POTUS's moves that has affected many Americans.

The common theme is acting without thinking of any consequences. POTUS is on a rampage that is getting worse. POTUS's stooges are busy at work justifying his insanity.

Comrade POTUS and Comrade Moscow Mitch are the most serious threat to this country since December 1941. This madness is totally your, the Republicans, responsibility.

Need I remind you that America did speak in the election of 2016? Who won the popular vote? Incidentally, who planned the recent air attack on Iran that was cancelled at the last minute? Was it AOC?

Bill Reed


Free Press editorialist could use a new gig

Clint Cooper's redundant opinion pieces on the conservative side of the op/ed page continue to prove the old adage that those with great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, and small minds talk about people.

Maybe he needs a new assignment?

Allan Baggett, Trion, Georgia


Trump 'fatal vision' betrays our friends

As secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson outlined in a letter in 1793 that "the general principles of the law of nations must give the rule." But dictators make lawless decisions. When President Erdogan revealed his plan to move military forces into Syria, the U.S. president seconded the motion for Turkish troops to remove the Kurds.

For someone who only understands the lay of land as a golf course, the geopolitical Sunday night decision demonstrated complete tactical ignorance. Sometimes the chain of command begins with the enlisted man in the field. Gen. Stanley McCrystal believes that trust begins on the ground as a team, not headquartered in an office — in this case an oval office connected by a phone call to a dictator.

By allowing the incursion of the Turks who have invaded by air and artillery, Trump has betrayed an ally — an ally that bled alongside American soldiers.

Will this unhistorical president see his face in the mirror of the knife blade that stabbed the Kurds in the back? Much like Macbeth, his "fatal vision" is more than just "a dagger of the mind" (Act 2.1), this act demonstrates a complete lack of conscience.

Kemmer Anderson


Let Trump continue to drain the swamp

Our legally elected president vowed to drain the swamp. My acronym of SWAMP stands for: System Which Allows Mediocracy Profusion.

Mediocracy is defined as a dominant class consisting of mediocre people, or a system in which mediocrity is rewarded. Profusion is defined as great abundance. My SWAMP acronym seems to define the state of so many in the media and Washington who seek to destroy POTUS and keep the swamp intact.

Let POTUS do the job he was elected for, and Congress, quit the senseless muckraking and get back to work representing the concerns of the voters who elected you. Let the voters in the 2020 election decide if the SWAMP thrives or gets drained and all the SWAMP creatures get expelled.

You SWAMP creatures best be aware of the power of the voters in our democracy.

Henry Knox, Harrison


Kurds learning a snake is a snake

Trump has shown he values loyalty. But his form of loyalty only runs only one way, to him. He returns none. Ask the Kurds he has abandoned to the military attacks of his buddy, President Erodogan of Turkey.

It would not surprise me if Trump and Erodgan were business associates. Trump has hotel property in Turkey. Trump has shown he is not averse to mixing his business interests with government. The Kurds have been our allies in fighting ISIS, being the grunts in the ground fighting, suffering most of the casualties in killed and wounded, and preventing casualties being inflicted on Americans.

Trump's disgraceful betrayal of our allies brings to mind the story of the rattlesnake in the cold. A man came walking by, and the snake beseeched the man to take him inside his house so he could get warm. The man said, "No, you'll bite me and kill me." The snake begged and promised he would not bite him. The man relented and brought him inside. Despite the vow, the snake bit the man. The man cried out, "You promised not to bite me!" The snake replied, "Well, I am a snake." Trump is Trump.

Archie Thurman


How do you follow Trump and Jesus?

In America today we have many leaders who claim to be Christians, using this identity to rally people behind them. But if we read the New Testament, we find Jesus led differently from these leaders.

Jesus never used his position to enrich himself and taught his followers to avoid wealth, to live simply. Jesus was a meek leader who didn't brag about what he could do or flaunt the powers God had given him. He taught we should not use God's name in vain or foul language, we should speak honestly and not lie, we should strive to live according to biblical teachings and not sin.

Today, we have a president who says he is a Christian but does not follow the ways of Jesus. He brags how great he is, how rich he is, the sins he has committed which he thinks make him look powerful and desirable as a man. He attacks others who don't follow him and with whom he disagrees.

Why do those who say they believe in and seek to follow Jesus accept this president and what he says? Why do they deceive themselves, accepting what he says and does?

Roger A. Meyer, Ph.D.