I just drove over the crumbling North Terrace left lane, between Moore Road and Belvoir Avenue, and gritted my teeth. My frustration isn't the poor road surface but the fact that it wouldn't take that much money to fix it.

Why not repair what we have to keep the road from sliding down onto I-24? Liquid tar in the cracks would shed the water off the roadway and keep water from infiltrating under the pavement, causing the roadway to subside. But this little repair has never been tried. Just wait five years and totally repave the whole area.

That's not the way to run the Public Works Department, nor the city of Chattanooga. Hey, it works on Battlefield Parkway, and it could work on North Terrace. That is, if someone notices and thinks.

Gerald Whitely, Ringgold, Georgia


Democrats won't stop until Trump is gone

From the day Trump was elected, the Democrats have been planning on impeachment — even before his inauguration.

First it was the Russia investigation, which turned out to be a dud. Nothing there, no collusion, no obstruction.

And now it's the Ukraine phone call. The lying Democrats claim it's to dig up dirt on his opponent for the 2020 election. It's not. It's to find out what happened during the 2016 election about the fake Steele dossier.

It's quite evident that the Democrats will do anything — legal or illegal — to get rid of Trump. They know that they can't beat him with an honest election, so there will be massive voter fraud to ensure their candidate wins in 2020.

After all, they know that Trump is exposing the Deep State corruption of the Obama administration, and the Democrats need to win the White House to shut it down. Any indictments that may come from AG Barr will be stonewalled until a new Democrat president is sworn in, and those indictments would then be dismissed. If this happens, the Deep State wins.

Gary Hayes, Ooltewah


Trump and Nero two peas in a pod

Donald Trump reminds me of Nero: Nero threw the Christians to the lions, and Trump threw the Kurds to the mercy of the Turks. Nero turned a blind eye to Rome's poor, and Trump turned a blind eye to America's poor. Nero was an illegitimate pretender emperor of Rome, and Trump is the illegitimate president of America. Nero was totally oblivious how to govern Rome, and Trump is clueless how to govern America. Nero was overthrown by the people, and Trump will be impeached.

Mike Bodine


A regressive tax not better but worse

I guess I should not be surprised that our County Commission considered using a regressive tax to help our schools.

A more progressive option was proposed this year, taxing properties at a higher rate. An argument against this was it didn't affect everyone. Durn if it didn't; it's called rent.

With a wheel tax, those who live on Lookout's or Signal's East Brow roads would have been taxed at the same rate as someone flirting with the poverty line, a sad state of affairs for schools and our citizenry.

Daniel Durant