Everyday brings more heartache for our nation as Trump does, yet again, something that defies logic. Pulling our troops out of Syria creates dangerous consequences.

It abandons Kurdish allies to be slaughtered at the hands of the Turks. This includes women and children. This goes against American values! Our military never leaves our wounded on the battlefield, nor does our nation abandon our allies.

This gives Iran and Russia a gift in the region, which is stupidity. The Kurds have been called "the tip of the spear in winning back Islamic state-held territory." This desertion could lead to the resurgence of Al-Qaeda and possibly another 9-11. Trump's idiotic/chaotic geopolitical behavior will never cease.

Also, can you believe a president would contact another country for dirt on an opponent? He's not only asked Russia, but Ukraine and China. Republicans would be livid if a Democratic president did this; so would I.

He is bringing himself down with his ignorance of our system of government and world relations. Sen. Lindsey Graham is finally seeing the light, and this could spell defeat for him.

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr., Signal Mountain


Trump's betrayal of Kurds 'immoral'

A few hours after Turkish President Erdogan called President Trump on Oct. 6, Trump ordered the immediate withdrawal of the token American force of 1,500 troops stationed in northeastern Syria. Their mere presence, promised by the American government, had kept Turkey from invading a Kurdish ancestral homeland.

In the war against the Islamic State, the Kurds were America's loyal allies. The U.S. primarily provided air support and training. The Kurds were the ground troops and fought fiercely. In his July 25 column, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported that the Kurds lost 11,000 fighters; U.S. loses were less than 10.

By removing the 1,500 U.S. troops, Trump betrayed the Kurds, condemning many to die or be forced to flee from their homeland.

Why was Trump so eager to obey Erdogan? Trump does have a twin tower hotel complex in Istanbul. Did he need some Turkish favors? Did Trump ask for help with the 2020 election? We don't know.

We do know for certain that Trump made a cruel and immoral decision to sell out a valuable pro-American fighting force. Why did the lives of the Kurdish men, women, and children not matter to Trump?

Both Democrats and Republicans have far superior potential presidents.

Horace Barker, Hixson


Fleischmann urged to hold local town hall

I am writing to urge our congressman, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, to hold a public town hall meeting in Chattanooga during the next Congressional recess over the holidays. Rep. Fleischmann has done a good job representing us, especially about the project of rebuilding the lock at Chickamauga Dam.

However, for at least two years Rep. Fleischmann has not appeared at a public forum here in his district. Many members of Congress do this on a regular schedule. And his constituents would like to hear his ideas about issues affecting our city, such as urban shootings, health care for those who need it and the federal role in providing adequate housing for our residents.

And I personally would like to hear Rep. Fleischmann's views about the impeachment proceedings currently going on in Congress, or about President Trump's amateurish foreign policy.

So Rep. Fleischmann, I issue you an appeal: Just come and talk to the people you represent!

Allen Chesney