A few days ago, the president signed the "National Character Counts Week" proclamation, endorsing "honesty," "integrity" and "respect for others." 

This is the same man who regularly disrespects anyone who disagrees with him and who has made nearly 13,500 false or misleading statements. I hope his staff used an automatic signing machine for his signature; if he signed it in person, the proclamation has no value.

"Quid pro quo" means "this for that." You are asking someone to provide something that you want in exchange for something they want. Quid pro quo = bribery. "Bribery" is one of two specific acts, together with treason, mentioned as a reason for impeachment in the Constitution.

The president recently challenged Republican members of Congress to "get tougher and fight." On this, I have to agree with him.

Republicans in Congress should show some courage and help remove this president from office before he completes the destruction of the republic and our society.

James M. Hemsley


Representatives failing to represent all of us

I would like to note my shame after reading Andy Sher's article in the TFP on the split among the GOP on the withdrawal of our troops in Syria, leaving our allies to be slaughtered. The Congress was overwhelming in opposing this withdrawal, 354-60.

I would just like to mention two of our local representatives among those 60 — Chuck Fleischmann and Scott Des Jarlais. One is my rep, and the only time I hear from him is just before election time.

It is a shame these guys are in lockstep with our president and turn their backs on the voters. Since they are not representing us, I suggest they not be re-elected.

If you believe in term limits, before you cast your vote, see if they are exceeding the terms you desire.

Jack Pine, Dunlap, Tennessee


Our precious river deserves better

The Tennessee River provides a freshwater habitat for many aquatic and terrestrial species; there are 230 species of fish alone without mentioning things such as mussels, micro-organisms, plants and animals that use the river as a source of drinking water.

The river supplies 5.1 million people with drinking water and produces 12% of the state's energy via hydroelectricity, according to TVA. The river is an obvious vital resource to the local environment, the state's economy and the Southeastern U.S. For these reasons, we should care more about damages imposed on this aquatic ecosystem.

Cities like Chattanooga are a large contributor to the eutrophication (nutrient overload) of the river, with stormwater runoff the main cause. Anytime it rains, a car is washed or sewage backs up, the runoff drains into waterways that eventually dump into the river untreated and unrefined. This runoff results in pollutants contaminating the water, which in turn alters the ecosystem.

These pollutants include nutrients such as phosphates and nitrogen, oil from roadways, microplastics, soaps and insecticides/pesticides. With ecosystems being naturally interconnected, we can only begin to imagine the domino effect we are initiating from these long-standing sources of pollution.

Brady L. Underwood, LaFayette, Georgia