Just wanted to comment about the recent article on the Riverwalk, agreeing with the writer on the importance of it in the Chattanooga area.

Chattanooga is a city that focuses on the outdoors, showing that even with a past of being the dirtiest city in the country, given time and a good direction, that can change for the better.

The Riverwalk helps to preserve nature with minimal construction and the creation of trails to help show off the natural beauty of the area and promote health as well. Using the land for such a purpose helps protect it from development and hopefully can lead to more and more land being saved for environmental and aesthetic purposes, and saved from the growing city construction.

Hopefully, planners can raise enough for their current goal, and make the trails even better.

Luke Mainello


Impeachment? Think again

There are four grounds for impeachment: treason — requiring the killing of the head of state or the overthrow of the government and requires two witnesses (ain't gonna get the president, there); bribery — requiring giving or receiving something of value for influence or action (good luck with that one); high crimes and misdemeanors — requiring dishonesty, negligence, abuse of authority, bribery, misuse of public funds, dereliction of duty, unbecoming conduct, refusal to obey a lawful order, intoxication or tax evasion (that would include every professional politician in Washington and President Trump doesn't drink).

Impeachment? Yeah, I can see that ...

C.S. Beck


What's in a white flag lapel pin?

The Clay Bennett white flag lapel pin cartoon (TFP, Oct. 19) was reprinted in the Sarasota Herald Tribune paper. I offer the following comment:

White flag (sign of truce): good cartoon idea.

White feather (cowardice) would be more accurate.

Ted Reiner, Sarasota, Florida


Oppose block grants because they're bad

Block grants have a long history in American politics and have been employed by Republican presidents including Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. Their purpose is to lessen federal oversight in the management of mandated benefit programs and to limit services or cap expenditures intended to assist the most vulnerable members of society.

This orthodox Republican thinking was a primary goal of former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Savvy politicians know they can't just come out and say, "We want to cut Medicaid" because it would create a firestorm of protest. So, instead, they put forward something that sounds harmless like block grants knowing that most people won't understand their intent. T

he same party that gave massive tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations would love to cut Medicaid, and Tennessee is now its stalking horse.

If you care about people with disabilities and the families who support them, or you think rural hospitals are important, or you simply believe that health care is a basic human right and the poor and working poor deserve coverage, then you should oppose Gov. Lee's block grant proposal.

John C. Reis


'R' on ballot equals Russian

I have some questions for Republican voters since 85% of you still support Donald Trump.

Do you still believe that Trump is concerned at all about any of the issues for which you elected him? Health care? What is the Republican health care plan? He couldn't care any less. Immigration? He only cares as much as his racism will carry him. Drain the swamp? Really? A record number of associates either indicted or in jail.

After getting Russia's help cheating to win in 2016, every action he has taken since has been to placate Vladimir Putin. Why? Could it be because the Trump organization owes perhaps billions of dollars to the Russian national bank? Ask Eric Trump. Is Putin known for trying to kill people who cross him? Ask Sergei Skripal or his daughter. Are Trump's children in danger if Trump doesn't make good on his promises of repayment — to lift sanctions and destroy NATO? You can bet your house on it!

Trump needs an authoritarian dictatorship to protect his crime family. Republican senators and members of congress are OK with that. Are you? In the 2020 elections, D = Democrat, R = Russian.

Jonathan D. Nessle


Appreciates Trump, but against trash

First, I want to say "yea" and "amen" to the Rock Spring, Georgia, letter writer who is tired of Trump-bashing. I am, too. If anyone wants to do something, I recommend praying for him! How would any of us like to be in his shoes?

Second, I also live in Georgia. Is anybody who lives in Walker County thankful that they have a home, and do you take pride in your residence — owning or renting? By the amount of trash along the roads, it certainly makes me wonder. Some of Walker County officials need to take a drive around, open your eyes and look, especially places like Florence Street, which is off of Claire Drive. It looks like a dump.

Third, the speed limit on Claire is 25 mph. I really doubt that one in 10 vehicles ever heeds this, and there are children and old people who live on or close to this road. Can it possibly be patrolled now and then?

Jonna Smith, Rossville, Georgia


McConnell souring on Trump actions?

A few days ago, an op-ed written by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared in The Washington Post. This is required reading for anyone who wants to speculate about the outcome of the impeachment trial that may take place in the United States Senate.

McConnell explained why he thinks it is a bad idea for Trump to withdraw American forces from Syria. He also pointed out that Trump withdrew American forces in defiance of a Senate amendment sponsored by McConnell that passed with a vote of 70 Senators in favor, that stated the opposition of the Senate to withdrawing American forces prematurely.

It is noteworthy when a Senate majority leader calls out a president of his own party in public and even more so when the majority leader accuses the president of disrespecting the U.S. Senate by taking action that contradicts instructions from the Senate.

McConnell may consider the matter closed and over with, or, he may be lying in wait for an opportunity to even up with Trump. If the Senate removes Trump from office, this episode will serve as the marker that shows when the tide of Republican support for Trump began to change.

Jim Olson


Student's thoughts on $60 wheel tax

As a student in our county schools, I have a different look on the wheel tax.

I see that the teachers have to invest extra hours. I know teachers have to lose their weekend trying to grade papers or make lesson plans. We all know teachers are underpaid; that is a fact. We also see how teachers sometimes get thrown under the bus for not teaching all standards or because their students got too low of a test grade.

Yes, $60 per vehicle may be a lot, but think about all teachers have done.

I, as a 12-year-old, would step up to pay the $60 for teachers. Teachers also invest their dollars to buy school supplies or classroom workbooks or anything they wish for their classroom. This tax will go a long way for teachers. Teachers will benefit from this tax amazingly.

Do you support teachers? If so, please support this wheel tax.

Ryan Jenkins, Soddy-Daisy