As an owner of land near the proposed development on the Lines property in Walden, I opposed the project for several reasons. The issues of stormwater runoff and sewage have not been addressed in any of the plans. Walden has no sewers, and all streams on the mountain are polluted with E. coli. The amount of wastewater the center will generate will be considerable. Approving the plan before addressing the water problem is putting the cart before the horse.

Private homes on Timesville Road will suddenly be abutted by a large commercial development and all the traffic it attracts. The current proposal is neither adequate nor transparent. What is the rush?

Ardian Ansel Totten

Hermitage, Tennessee


Reader offended by Free Press editor's points

I am a liberal. I am offended that in his Tuesday editorial, Clint Cooper intimated that liberals are enemies of faith. He took Robin Smith's ridiculous claim that liberals contribute to suicides to a higher level of absurdity.

Some of my friends who are liberals and Christians are, for obvious reasons, even more offended than I. Is Cooper too obtuse to have realized that he was calling liberal Christians enemies of their own faith? Did he make the claim intentionally because of his hatred for liberals? Does he think liberals cannot truly be Christians?

As one of its editors, Clint Cooper was speaking for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Let that sink in. That's what the TFP thinks about you, liberals, and you, liberal Christians.

The TFP needs to clean up its act. Cooper should be banished to the religious pages from whence he came.

Donald Strickland

Signal Mountain


Why can't Bennett change the subject?

I have enjoyed receiving your paper for over 40 years until Donald Trump became our president. Why you ask? Because I am so fed up with the nasty, biased cartoons that Clay Bennett contributes daily. Yes, he hates Trump, but can't he find any other topic to try and enlighten us with? Why can't the newspaper urge him to cool it and change the subject for a change? I am sure many of your readers also find his constant bias very irritating. Please help as this daily dose of bad taste really upsets my enjoyment of your fine newspaper. Enough is enough.

Bob Streiter



Republicans are true socialists

Republicans are the socialists? I think that maybe the old-time people were right. We need to remember their wisdom. Some of their wisdom needs to be repeated often and loudly. One piece of wisdom is that the Republicans are the big socialists. It's socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor. Think this is a lie from the radical left? Sucker, check out your tax cut! Also, while you are at it, when you finish counting your tax refund, make your Republican politicians define exactly, in detail, what they mean by "transfer payments." Is this a code word for Social Security? Ask our lady senator, the frequent flyer on Fox News, to enlighten us. This should start a Trump stooge dance. Dancing with the stooges. Wow!

B. Reed