The writer of the Sept. 3 letter to the editor, "We should condemn hate, white privilege," makes it even more clear to me why so many college graduates come out trending and/or are already in the liberal thinking mode.

It's not unique to UTC, I am sorry to say. It's from most of the colleges and universities in the USA. The liberal professors produce a lot of liberal graduates.

And while on the subject I can't help but comment on how so many graduates come out with a degree that qualifies them for nothing specific in the business world. I know degrees are worthwhile but they should be valuable to the graduate.

However, that's not an issue this professor emeritus addressed.

P.D. Jones



These people want to be our president

Current Democrat candidates are collectively doing everything President Trump could possibly want from them — actively displaying their need for mental institution residency! Here's part of their platform:

Bernie didn't know what a deductible was but wants to completely control your health care system. AOC claims that Trump ignored climate change, which caused hurricane Dorian. Marianne Williamson said that her Department of Peace would end all wars. Andrew Yang would give everyone $1,000 (costing more than the collective debts of most of the free world!). Bill de Blasio wants conservatives banned from ever running for office. Elizabeth Warren says by taxing billionaires at 90%, we would all eventually be rich. Joe Sestak (who?) thinks he should be elected because "everybody I know loves me!"

Beto is convinced that if all law-abiding citizens surrender their guns, crime would end. Kamala Harris wants open borders and says she represents all African-Americans. (She is neither; she is Indian-Jamaican.) Pete Buttigieg proposes a special college tuition discount for gays. Cory Booker is running on his outstanding record: Newark is almost totally ruined. Out of room now, but stay tuned — it gets better!

John Bergen


Eliminate racism in three steps

In a recent Times editorial, "Schools' outrage is not training; it's equity still on hold," it is not white privilege training that is problematic. It is a deficit mindset about a group of students that is problematic. Ruby Payne's work, used in Hamilton County for many years, is a source of deficit thinking about groups. A deficit mindset is one of the reasons racism continues to be pervasive in schools.

Think of racism on a spectrum. Many of us strive to do better, to be better, to escape the nasty grip of racism. It is a process involving learning about our inner selves. Three things are needed to eliminate racism. First, call racism by its name. Consistently identify it and describe it. A racist is anyone who supports racist policies through their actions, inactions or expresses racist ideas. Then, you must decide not to be a racist. "Not racist" is not the opposite of racist; it is antiracist. "Not racist" assumes neutrality. An antiracist makes a choice to support antiracist actions, policies and ideas. Finally, dismantle racism. What we say about race, what we do about race, in each moment, determines what, not who, we are.

Esther Taj Clark