Democrats appearing at CNN's marathon seven-hour global warming forum have a plan to solve a changing climate: Ban everything!

They plan a ban on straws, red meat, incandescent light bulbs, gas-powered cars, nuclear energy, fossil fuels, offshore drilling, fracking, natural gas exports, coal plants and even carbon itself. They all support a "carbon-free America."

But, they don't explain how America can become "carbon-free" as every living thing on Earth contains carbon.

This only proves that Democrats are nuts and are willing to destroy America!

Gary Hayes, Ooltewah


Senior performer made it to 'big time'

I felt like an old vaudevillian in show business when I participated in the Seniors Got Talent contest at the Chattanooga Theater Centre on Sept. 10. It was a first time for me, in that people had to pay to see me play my "pop bottle." I was out of my comfort zone, being announced, the announcer messing up my name. Then you perform, hoping that you start on the right note so that you can reach the high notes. After you end the song there was that loud applause and you take your bows.

Just think, the crowd paid to see me perform. The show must go on. It almost didn't. One hour before the show I was involved in an auto accident. It took a long time for an officer to take care of the accident situation, and I'm thinking, will I make it on time? After all, the show must go on. I did make it on time and the show did go on. It was great fun. I felt like I made the "big time."

George Samaduroff Jr., Hixson


Latest outrage no outrage at all to GOP

In the 2020 elections, D = Democrat, R = Russian.

The exposure of the Trump administration's latest alleged illegal activity should be alarming to all Americans, but it's not. Republican voters seem to have no problem with Donald Trump allegedly extorting the Ukraine government by withholding defense assistance against Russian aggression unless it helps with collecting information about a political opponent.

Mr. Trump maintains an 85% approval with Republicans who still emphatically support a person who proudly displays such deplorable behavior.

Our president is trying very hard to destroy democracy worldwide in favor of authoritarian dictatorships. I know Trump, like Putin, understands that crime is easier to hide in a corrupt government.

Republican politicians like Marsha Blackburn are following their dear leader. Why? Republicans must like the idea of a government that will kill journalists (Jamal Khashoggi) and incarcerate children until they die because they had the audacity to ask for help and hope from the wealthiest country in the world.

Republican voters obviously don't mind being lied to every day on every issue. I'll vote for Democrats in 2020 because I don't want Vladimir Putin in charge of the USA.

Jonathan D. Nessle