Sadly, evangelicals have failed at decoding Trump's actions and fuzzy facts. In their enthusiastic endorsement of the president, they have failed to identify with speech that should be heard correctly — by way of understanding the masked meaning. Unfortunately, concentration has centered on the nuance rather than rationalization.

Trump's popularity remains very high with his base — a demographic dominated by evangelical Christians who are well-informed that lying is a sin. For evangelicals, political lying by Trump has become morally acceptable behavior. It is not easy to understand how one can support a confirmed liar without being morally compromised.

Sadly, this president has created an entire administration that operates on lies, hyperbole and distortion. Long after he has left office, those who have embraced and sustained his lies will be remembered for their lack of integrity. Admirably the media is playing a commendable role in documenting how the supportive base has reduced its moral worth by endorsing Trump's abysmal mindset.

Regrettably, the evangelical base, a formerly highly respected religious group, has chosen to amend the 9th Commandment.

Johnny Jones, Hixson


Counselors help our kids to 'feel good'

In response to a Rant in last Sunday's Times Free Press:

It's appalling to read someone would think counselors and social workers are "'feel good' positions." Spend a day in any of our Hamilton County public schools, and you'll observe firsthand that our counselors are a vital part of a school staff. These professionals (it's a shame people forget counselors are indeed professionals) help students in countless ways. Counselors give students a safe place to talk about what's going on in their home lives, college or military aspirations, grades, fitting in with peers, and many other aspects of student life.

School counselors must hold a master's degree to be employed by our school system. Most master's program candidates, if CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs — the best level of programming for school counselors)-accredited, must complete 600 hours of practicum and internship before graduating. That's a lot of time, commitment and expense for a "feel good" position!

Counselors (and teachers; that's a letter for another day) deserve our respect and gratitude for what they do for our students. Let's remember our counselors during our next National School Counseling Week (starting Feb. 2, 2020).

Rebecca Maroon, Hixson


They'll be coming for trucks, SUVs

Hey, Beto: It's not called a mandatory gun buy-back. The government didn't sell them in the first place.

When a government takes legally owned property under penalty of law, it's eminent domain. SUVs and trucks will be next.

Hide the plastic straws.

Bill Bastenbeck, Dayton, Tenn.


Wither the GOP after Trump?

A black American and a true believer who is proud to be a member of the party of Lincoln: Trumps are going to come and go, but where does the GOP go?

R. Chester Heathington Jr.