The president is always bragging about how, in his opinion, he has done such a magnificent job handling the pandemic that has stricken our country worse than any other country in the world.

He seems to have forgotten that for the first six weeks the coronavirus invaded our country and some Americans were already sick and hospitalized, he ignored it.

He even joked about it, comparing it to another 2016 Russia investigation and the 2020 impeachment. He even went so far as to call it a "hoax" by Democrats to politically affect his re-election bid.

I wonder if he realizes yet it's no hoax and not politically motivated? Oddly, when it comes to his handling of this national emergency, nobody remembers.

Especially the cowardly reporters who refuse to bring it up in fear of being removed from a press conference due to his intimidation.

I hope the president knows the voters have not forgotten!

Now he wants to give us $1,200 to make up for something he should have handled differently from the beginning. Please America, don't let this president buy your vote.

Rodney Killian


Report COVID-19 news about county

It seems that we have been given a lot of misinformation about numbers of people who are going to die [from the COVID-19 virus]. It started out up to 2.3 million people were going to die.

We have allowed the "talking head news media" to scare the American people into actions that have destroyed the economy, wiped out untold jobs and erased almost two years of unprecedented growth.

When this started, I expected to see people dying in the streets. Your paper finally back in the [Chattanooga Free Press] editorial page stated how these "expert" numbers are so far off that it is almost criminal to have done this to the economy and the American people.

You need to stop putting The Associated Press on the front page and report about Hamilton County. We only have 95 cases [when this was written] and yet this task force was planning a 1,500-bed hospital at the Alstom plant.

Have you asked why? You need to tell Hamilton County how many people are actually in the three major hospitals. Please do your job and report the COVID-19 news about Hamilton County.

Bob Pickrell

Signal Mountain


PBS, NPR touted as 'fair, balanced'

For a fair, balanced and honest reporting of the news, I recommend "The PBS NewsHour." It has politicians and experts discuss both sides of current issues.

On the radio, NPR does the same thing on "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" in the late afternoon.

In addition, I find the in-depth discussion of current issues in "Foreign Affairs" magazine very helpful to understanding what is happening globally.

This magazine tolerates wide differences of opinion, and its articles do not represent any consensus of belief.

As evidence of that, I have read several of its articles that are favorable to President Trump and several that are critical of him.

It is published by the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization.

John J. Sabourin Jr.