Yes, it takes the government to watch over the economy because humans are greedy. But Henry Ford of Ford Motor Co. started a 40-hour/5-day work week and doubled workers' hourly salary. Later, Congress in 1942 passed the 40-hour work week. For all the things government regulates to protect the public, some capitalist will come up with a solution.

As to the recent example of a large corporation buying a small, innovative company and killing the production of tens of thousands of ventilators: The purchase could have been halted by the government under antitrust laws, especially since the government had a vested interest in the company. Plus, the larger corporation also would have bought the small company's government contract. It would then have to fulfill the contract as written with the same number of ventilators at the same price. If it did not fulfill the contract, somebody in government dropped the ball or was paid off!

To find the bad in corporations and government, follow the money. All taxpayers are being screwed by sleazy corporations and government bureaucrats and politicians.

It's about time the people of this country wake up to that.

Jack Runge, Rising Fawn, Georgia


Protesters endanger themselves, well, fine

I was so thrilled to read in the April 18 edition of the Times Free Press that a local group of Trump supporters was planning to congregate so they could protest measures to save their lives as set forth by the scientific and medical communities and implemented by Mayor Andy Berke. And they did.

I say fine. I am glad these Trump-loving Republicans were allowed to scream their diatribes of hate and intolerance while standing shoulder to shoulder without masks.

In short, my liberal Democrat friends reading this, let them burn. The more of these tea partiers that the virus takes, the less our collective gene pools are threatened.

Mike Ashley, Harrison


Chattanooga State students have adapted well

Since 2017, I have had the great privilege of serving as president of Chattanooga State Community College. During this time, I have witnessed faculty and staff go above and beyond their basic job duties to meet the needs of students.

I have seen students, who did not think they were college material, excel academically and graduate with honors. I have seen honors students thrive under the academic rigor of our college, graduate and transfer to prestigious universities.

But what I have witnessed starting in March 2020 is nothing short of astounding. In less than a week, faculty moved all classes online, student services shifted online, and students shifted from traditional on-ground classes to online.

Our community partners like Tech Goes Home and Lodge Manufacturing helped us meet our students' needs. Our Foundation Board members funded an increase to our Helping Hands emergency fund to aid students. All this happened at lightning speed.

I am so proud of our faculty, staff and students. While no one chose this new working and learning environment, we have all adapted. We will be stronger because of this unprecedented situation. We are resilient. We are ChattState!

Rebecca Ashford, Community College