Interesting that our governor just announced that Georgia is opening up. Two weeks ago, he said from his podium that he'd just learned (!) that the virus can be passed asymptomatically. Now we're opening for business ... what changed? Sadly, this is becoming a partisan pandemic and a poorly managed one at that.

What we need is a modern iteration of the Marshall Plan to mobilize the awesome resources of our federal government to remove barriers and red tape to facilitate supply chains to all localities with the necessary testing reagents and associated equipment required. We are Grant, not McClellan, and we need to face this crisis for the life-and-death threat that it is.

Denny Pistoll

Rising Fawn, Georgia


British NHS is hardly free

I was surprised to read the April 4 Associated Press article (page A3) headlined "We love you NHS: UK health service gears up for virus peak." The whole article was about all the problems NHS is having. What a misleading headline. However, the article also said the NHS is free. Wow, you should check your facts. Ask anyone in the UK about what a chunk comes out of their paycheck every week for their National Health Insurance. My first job in England in 1955, I made an extremely small paycheck of five pounds. One pound was deducted. Half for my NH deduction, and the other half for income tax.

Helen Blair

Apison, Tennessee


Socialism: 'Failed human politics'

To the writer of the April 19 letter to the editor, 'Socialism simply reflects human rights:"

Look at history for what socialism really is; it is not "simply" human rights. The letter writer states "socialism" is "simply" about health care for every citizen, ability to afford college, able-bodied people working 40 hours living securely, and urgency for climate change to be taken seriously. To recognize these attributes of ideals being basic to human rights is admirable and potentially possible in America.

However, it is not these attributes that make the belief of them possible in socialism. Some people somehow think socialism is charity. Socialism is the systematic taking from hard-working people of all walks of life to give to everyone, even those unwilling to contribute to that work. Look at the vast collection of documentation. History continues to fact-check about socialism and its inequity created within the human spirit. Why bother to work hard when most will be taken away and passed to others? Nothing about socialism is "simple." The decency and basic rights of humans start when the human spirit is nurtured with respect, dignity and honor.

Socialism is not charity but humanly failed politics. Knowing our history helps us not repeat human failures, like socialism.

CeCe Smith

Signal Mountain


Please consider plasma donations

If I am infected by COVID-19 and survive it, I would be thrilled to donate plasma to share my antibodies to those in need. As it is, I love to give my platelets via Blood Assurance to total strangers. I urge TFP readers to do likewise.

My problem is that I have no motorized transportation of my own. I need someone to drive me.

Harry Geller