GOP doesn't want election integrity

Chattanooga Free Press editorial headline: "Trump, asked about voter fraud, serves up 1,000-plus examples."

To claim Republicans "want to preserve election integrity" is dumbfounding. This is how Republicans preserve "election integrity:" Republicans purge voter rolls of Democratic voting citizens, gerrymander districts to ensure Democrats can't win, close polling places in Democratic-leaning districts, don't send absentee ballots to Democrats, and force voters to choose between catching a deadly virus or exercising their right to vote.

There are no examples of voter fraud that have determined an election result. There have been, however, many instances of election fraud, and they have routinely been perpetrated by the Republican Party. Republicans also don't respect results of elections if they lose and denied a majority elected Democratic president the right to have a Supreme Court justice approved.

The Democratic Party is not above reproach, but comparing it to the Republican Party is like comparing a speeding motorist to a mass murderer and claiming they're the same because both are law breakers.

This country needs an ethical and principled conservative party. The GOP is not it. Not even close. Any observant citizen can serve up 1,000 plus examples why.

Ted Tumelaire

Signal Mountain


Personal behaviors will protect others

From the beginning of our country, freedom has been as important to us as life itself. Therefore, in our current situation, we realistically rebel at the notion of being denied freedom of movement, ability to work to earn money, restriction of religious activities, exercise, entertainment, pursuit of happiness in most of its forms, closeness of friends, neighbors and loved ones.

It understandably goes against the grain of the American character to be dominated by the will of anyone, much less people with political agendas with which we do not agree.

It also is our nature, when we are young, to feel invincible, but now is not the time to let arrogance influence our actions as we begin to regain our freedoms. A person may feel like they are free from responsibility, but they must realize that their actions can lead to death of others. (Mom, Dad, grandmother, grandfather or other close loved ones.)

Let's not be dumb. Protect yourself and everyone else until this threat passes. Practice good health, good sanitation and prevention policies. Others depend on you!

Larry Deckard

Chickamauga, Ga.


Still waiting for my stimulus check

There's a reason for the 19 in COVID-19, so don't be surprised to learn it's been around since 2019.

Is it going to take three months to get a stimulus payment? I have been watching for one since April 1 and now believe it was a huge "April Fool's" joke as I cannot even get the status.

I was planning to donate a portion to a deserving local charity, but I'm not going to before I have it. I hope this letter follows a successful receipt.

Ralph E. Hetzler Jr.