Trump is just a schoolyard bully

I ask why you do like Donald Trump?

Nearly 99% of the answers is he will not take crap from anybody. This is beyond my comprehension. One who presents as not taking crap from anybody is nothing more or less than a facsimile of a schoolyard bully.

If Trump's decisions on the pandemic are characteristic of his entire decision making, we are in deep trouble. He is all over the map.

The operative question for Trump is "who will I present as today?" Also, "who can I blame for this debacle?" Most of the Trumpites do not understand that blame is the abdication of all personal responsibility.

It's time that a bunch of other folks not put up with any crap. This about Trump is the quintessential no-brainer.

Bill Reed


'Killer Kemp' at it again

It's getting harder every year to be a Republican in Georgia. The state is at a demographic tipping point, with a whisker more than 50% of the state's population considered "non-Hispanic white." Desperate measures are called for if the GOP hopes to hang on to power. As secretary of state, Gov. Brian Kemp purged some 1.3 million voters under the state's questionable "use it or lose it" right-to-vote law.

One has to wonder, given his proven "win at any cost" mentality, whether he's made another strategic calculation by ignoring the White House guidelines on when to relax COVID-19 mitigation measures. Allowing personal service businesses to reopen across the state, and preventing local governments from overriding his order, he appears to target densely-populated urban communities that are most vulnerable to the spread of the pandemic ... communities that, coincidentally, he did not win in 2018.

A decision that is likely popular with his rural "base" will surely have fatal consequences for many in the state's urban centers in the coming weeks and months, while creating chaos for their elected leaders who also do not support him. "Killer Kemp," indeed.

Paul Wright

Harrison, Tennessee


TVA rate hikes are outrageous

A few years ago TVA started charging their customers more during their so-called "peak" months and less during "nonpeak months." It declared eight months "peak" and four months "nonpeak."

That is almost three-fourths of the year listed as "peak;" that is outrageous. TVA's excuse was it would encourage conservation.

We turn down the heat to 66-68 degrees during the winter and air up to 75 degrees during the summer. When comfortable enough, we even turn everything off and open the windows. It makes no difference what we do. Our electric bill is ridiculous. I have heard many others also complain.

In 1974 TVA started building the Bellefonte nuclear plant; in 1988 construction was stopped after spending billions of dollars. TVA said it would cost another $8 billion to finish, so work stopped. What a waste of money.

The CEO of TVA makes an absurd $8 million a year, the highest paid federal employee in the country.

President Trump was right when he recently said that the CEO and other top TVA officials should take pay cuts. They don't have any problem paying their electric bills with the amount of money that make, but many of their customers do. Shame on them and TVA.

Stephen Cardwell

Sewanee, Tennessee