Anti-Sethi attack ads disgust voter; are lies

Another attack ad against Manny Sethi for the Senate filled with misleading statements was just too much for me to turn a blind eye any longer.

Dr. Manny Sethi was born in Ohio and moved to Hillsboro in Coffee County, Tennessee, at age four. He lived there until college and Harvard Medical School in Boston. That's why his opponent calls him "Massachusetts Manny."

Name-calling was my first turnoff. I was taught, "If you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything." Perhaps that's a Tennessee value his opponent should learn.

I was repulsed by the accusation that "Dr. Sethi donated to ActBlue, the organization that has bankrolled Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats." ActBlue is an online conduit for distributing money to individual candidates, just as PayPal is an online conduit for distributing money to merchants for purchases. Directly from ActBlue's website, "you're donating to a candidate or organization, you give through ActBlue, not to ActBlue!"

It's helpful to remember that a $50 contribution from Mrs. Sethi through ActBlue went to a family friend running for office.

The attack ads could be called "bending" or "twisting" the truth. How about outright lies?

Rebecca Tucker



Voters have a better choice: James Mackler

Tennessee's Republican primary for the U.S. Senate this year has been a real circus to watch. Bill Hagerty and Dr. Manny Sethi are vying to show who is the most far-right wing-nut and who has the most loyalty to the racist Donald Trump.

Responsible Tennesseans have a better choice: Pick up a Democratic ballot and vote for James Mackler. He is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq and who seeks to restore honesty and integrity in Washington.

And Mr. Mackler is a moderate who will work for bipartisan solutions to America's problems, rather than stirring up the cauldron of Trumpism.

Allen Chesney


Hagerty will back our police officers

As riots have recently threatened law enforcement officers' ability to keep peace and promote justice, it is more important than ever to ensure police funding. Police play an essential role in holding criminals accountable and protecting our most vulnerable. Defunding police for the sake of a few bad officers would be disastrous. Bill Hagerty, a conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, is outraged by the current popular distrust of the police.

Hagerty is qualified and ready to serve our country, and he plans to use his platform to keep Tennessee families safe by standing with law enforcement officers. As the only Trump-endorsed candidate for the seat, he will work closely with the president to uphold the rule of law, stop antifa, and fight to secure appropriate funding for our law enforcement officers. Above all, Bill wishes to see justice prevail, and he condemns the actions of the Minneapolis officers who have been charged. In his words, "the dismantling and defunding of law enforcement in America is not the solution."

Bill understands law enforcement officers serve a vital role in keeping us safe. I encourage Tennesseans to read more about his plans at

Charlie Hunt