Mail-in voting issues? Count on Murphy's Law

I have noticed there is considerable stumping for universal mail-in voting for the November presidential election. What could go wrong, right? Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law?

Just within the past two months, I have twice run afoul of the postal service. In May I mailed an insurance premium payment, and in June was billed for both May and June, since the May payment had not arrived.

Then, while reviewing my checking account online in July, I noticed my May payment had been subtracted. Apparently the lost payment had finally arrived, only about eight weeks late.

Last week, my doorbell rang and it was a neighbor, bringing me a utility bill that had been erroneously left in her mailbox instead. Oops!

Then there are the documented instances of lost ballots, as well as election fraud in various cities across the country.

I fully support absentee ballots for people who cannot physically go to the polls, as well as folks who fear contracting the coronavirus at their respective polling places even with masks, social distancing, etc. But to mandate mail-in ballots on a scale of many millions of votes would guarantee if anything can go wrong, it will.

Robert J. Tamasy, Hixson


Back-to-school cartoon 'hurtful'

On Wednesday morning I opened my paper to see a political cartoon by Clay Bennett. It is a disgusting, insensitive and inappropriate cartoon. This cartoon is over the line. Does the TFP not have a filter for these kinds of hurtful cartoons?

It is a picture of a funeral home with a sign that says "Back to school sale."

I cannot imagine how parents feel when they see this hateful cartoon.

Parents are stressed enough about all of the school issues. They do not need this added to their worries. If children see this cartoon, they will probably be terrified.

Mr. Bennett is one classy guy. Not.

Ruth Cote, Hixson


Crisis outcomes can be set by our attitudes

Studies show one's attitude toward any crisis plays a huge difference in outcome.

Staying quarantined and cutting off friends are not the answer. Coronavirus is not completely stopped by wearing masks. Go outside, breathe fresh air, meet friends. It will change your attitude.

Margie Merritt, Ringgold, Georgia


Unsure if meat factories are safe right now

I am haunted by the thought of workers jammed together in meat processing plants. I do not know if safety measures against COVID-19 have been adequately implemented. Furthermore, these essential workers are forced to speed up their labor, thus leading to many kinds of injuries.

If working conditions and other reforms can be made, it would be a better America.

But until we know that real and widespread improvements have occurred in meat factories, we should resort to other protein sources such as beans, grains and dairy.

Harry Geller