Bennett's tough love cartoon necessary

I applaud Clay Bennett's back-to-school cartoon. Indeed, funeral homes are one of the few businesses doing well these days. And in case other readers missed it, the U.S. is leading the world in deaths from the coronavirus at over 160,000 as of today. That is what's disgusting, not Bennett's cartoon.

We don't need to open schools or anything until there's a national plan, and the adults in the room make it safe for our precious children and those they come home to, much less the teachers, nurses and support staff. Without health we have nothing.

Remember when this president wanted to see all churches full at Easter? Back then, in early April, the U.S. death toll had just topped 10,000.

Opening schools prematurely is just another example of the unbelievable mishandling of this real public health crisis by a president who called it a hoax for crucial months, undermines science and takes no responsibility. Doctors are begging us to take it seriously so we can emerge from this nightmare.

This president could say the world is flat, and there are those who would believe that from him, too.

But the world really is round.

Susan Moses


Newspaper owes schools an apology

I just want to share my disgust with the wonderful "cartoon" in your newspaper on Wednesday and thank you for your lack of support.

You don't have a clue what district leaders, administrators, teachers, secretaries, custodians, paraprofessionals and food service personnel are going through to open schools in the safest manner possible.

We have been placed in a no-win situation, and you heap coals of hate and division with your disturbing cartoon. Guess you never had an educator encourage and support you.

I will be reminding everyone that I know to stop reading your paper — in any form.

You owe every educator an apology for sharing this cartoon and acting like it is OK. Education is a noble profession, unlike what you're displaying in your paper.

You should have been supporting schools.

Lori Vann


Worker struggles to see her privilege

I am a white essential worker making $7.50 an hour.

I have dealt with people not getting what they want, when they wanted it.

Where is my raise?

What is my privilege? I do not see it.

Melinda Hankins


Move Trump from White House to Big House

How many lives could have been saved if Trump would listen to experts? Instead of always thinking he's the smartest person in the room, why doesn't he try listening to people trained in their fields?

He was told in January about this coronavirus crisis. He called it a Democratic "hoax" and blamed the media. He was told in February about Russia putting bounties on our troops and did nothing. How many of our soldiers have died for Russian bounty? Does anyone really believe he didn't know?

The man is a traitor and doesn't care about anyone but himself. He's been trying to build a Trump Tower in Moscow for years. He owes Russian banks millions. I believe he's sold us out for Putin's approval.

I've never seen a president go from the White House to the Big House, but I can't wait to see him cuffed and stuffed — and don't worry about protecting his head while stuffing him in a squad car.

Tony Borders, Hixson