Get your kids excited for the outdoors

"If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the Earth before we ask them to save it." — David Sobel

Children are separated from nature now more than ever. This separation from the natural world is lessening their understanding and developing their irrational fear of it.

To give us hope for a sustainable future with caring leaders, we must bring our kids into nature, showing them that wildlife and landscapes are beautiful and precious, not just endangered and dangerous. Our children are the future; they have the power to change course and live responsible, sustainable lifestyles.

Chattanooga provides the perfect space to teach our kids about ecology — aquatic life in the river, trees at a park, birds in the trees, or wildlife in your backyard. Outdoor education fosters empathy, a connection to and love for nature. Check out the Chattanooga Zoo and ask how you can involve your child in eco-focused learning, or the Tennessee Aquarium for educational opportunities.

This movement starts with education and positivity.

Conner McCarthy


Oh, the randomness of COVID-19 testing

In spite of excessive exposure and members becoming ill with COVID-19, (U.S. House) Speaker Pelosi rules out comprehensive testing of U.S. House of Representatives and staff "citing lack of supplies" as reason No. 1, and yet we are told pro basketball players competing in a Disneyland "bubble," professional and college football players, baseball players and other sporting teams and of course our president who parades around without a face mask and those in close proximity to him all are not only able to get daily testing but with quick results.

Meanwhile, a local sheriff whose office is experiencing a serious staff outbreak of the virus wants to have inmates tested; but he "reaching out to the local public health department is told about wait times of 'three to four weeks,'" which of course destroys the usefulness of testing.

Tom Evans, Hixson


Biden will get us back on track

I feel enough is enough. The current state of our politics is most succinctly described as abominable, and that is probably understated. It is difficult to imagine talking current affairs with anyone espousing a position opposite yours without a sense of rage. Neither side is able to understand the other and, in fact, conversation has ceased. I am open for discussion, but I need to tell you up front I am a Democrat who desperately loves our country and wants it to be great.

The never Trumpers lost the election in 2016. I understand that and accept the win. However, I am urging you to vote for Joe Biden to elect a more measured, aware and thoughtful administration to correct the course. Why? Leading the issues is the gross mismanagement of the pandemic. Our position in world affairs has collapsed. America is no longer the country others seek to emulate. Health care is in disarray.

The current administration is not up to the task of governing. We cannot afford four more years of constant turnover and disarray. I strongly recommend bringing the Biden experience to the White House to get us back on a track.

Irv Ginsburg


Isn't 'resisting arrest' a factor to contemplate?

Not to excuse abusive behavior by police/law enforcement, but why is "resisting arrest" (which appears to engender most of these incidents) virtually ignored?

R.J. Merritt


Black Lives Matter turns on U.S. ally

Not mentioned in Cal Thomas's commentary is the BLM deal breaker for me. Ignoring all the tyrannical governments in current existence, BLM chose Israel (a committed American ally) to be singled out and boycotted.

Steve Weinberg, Harrison


Lewis omission just latest of Trump sins

So Jay Greeson is embarrassed that his Republican President Trump did not attend the funeral services of John Lewis.

It speaks volumes about Jay's moral code that he was not embarrassed/disgusted by #45 when he: bragged about sexually assaulting women; mocked a disabled journalist; dismissed John McCain as a war hero; stated Megyn Kelly had "blood coming from her whatever"; rebuked Gold Star families; called African nations "s---hole countries"; avows that he has a great admiration for dictators like Putin, Jong-un, Al Assad, Erdogan, Mohammed bin Salman; calls BLM protesters "thugs and criminals"; forcibly removes peaceful protesters so he can have a photo-op holding a Bible; sends well wishes to pedophile pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

As a patriotic American citizen, I am not only embarrassed by Trump, I am appalled by what he is doing and saying as the representative of what was arguably the greatest country in the world. It is also extremely disturbing the Republican Party is allowing him to destroy the global reputation of the country I love.

So Jay, your "embarrassment" about this one incident in the long sordid history of Trump would be laughable if it were not so despicable.

Lissa Dearing


Bennett cartoon shows lack of empathy

As schools around Chattanooga are set to reopen in some capacity, teachers, parents and students are faced with fear of the unknown. To be specific, the COVID-19 unknown.

As a teacher and parent, I was appalled to see Chattanooga Times' Clay Bennett's editorial cartoon depicting a funeral home running a back to school sale. I don't get his humor. Many teachers and parents are scared of what we are facing when students return to classrooms.

The reality is some teachers, students and school staff will get COVID, and some of them may even die. Teachers throughout the United States are upping their life insurance policies and refining their wills. Parents who have to work have no choice but to send their children to school. We don't need your worthless editorial reminder nor your aberrant humor, Mr. Bennett. You may be a good cartoonist, but you're lacking in empathy.

Kristal Sherrill


Keep progress going; end Electoral College

Mail-in ballots. They are not a threat to a fair election; the Electoral College is.

America is a vital, ever-changing, multicultural, vibrant society, not a minority of all white ideologues.

In 1783 the framers of the Constitution limited voting to landed gentry, e.g., whites of standing who owned land. Lesser whites could not vote nor could women. Slavery was legal.

But now women and people of color can vote, assuming Republican state legislatures don't block them from doing so.

Now for the last step: Abolish the Electoral College.

Mike Bodine, East Ridge


Mask protesters omit critical fact

Many of you protest the mandate to wear masks based on the fact that you were not born with a mask, and thus God does not want you to wear a mask.

You may not remember, but when you were born, everyone else in the delivery room was wearing a mask! All of those caring people generously wore a mask to protect your newborn health and welfare.

The first thing you saw when you took your first breath of life was a medical professional wearing a mask — out of care and consideration for your health.

Now it's your turn.

Michael Mallen