No Trump fan, but Dems are scary

I understand "never Trumpers." He was not my choice as the Republican nominee in 2016, but the mere image of Hillary Clinton still makes me want to retch. I feel, personality aside, that Trump has done a good job, despite every effort by the Democrats to derail his presidency.

The idea that Joe Biden is the new "Moses" is laughable. If neither candidate excites you in 2020, you must look at party platforms to make a rational decision.

If you want higher taxes, urban decay and violence, a diminished economy, the increased loss of American industry, massive increases in energy costs, capitulating world leadership to China, unrestricted abortion, identity politics, cancel culture, erosion of the nuclear family, abolishment of the 2nd Amendment, and an impotent or nonexistent police presence, you need to vote Democratic in 2020.

Also, the liberal narrative to blame Trump for the government response to COVID-19 is without merit. Obviously, both sides of the aisle have not been perfect in their attempts to return the country to normalcy, but both Anthony Fauci and Robert Redfield testified in a recent House hearing that there is nothing that they would have changed about the federal response to the plague.

Jeff Fisher


USPS under assault is 'unconscionable'

I am a mostly peaceable, reasonable person. But every day some new outrage stretches the limits of my peace and reason.

Of all the many things I could rail about, I am compelled to voice my fury that the United States Postal Service is in a stranglehold by this government. I know I have relied all my life on the USPS's consistent, effective delivery of mail and packages and now my medications. But it appears to me that the intent of the current administration is to force the USPS out of business and to establish a private sector corporation. Ca-ching! Ca-ching! Do I smell profits in the making?

The USPS, according to its website, handles 48% of the world's mail and generated revenue of $71.1 billion in 2019. If fully privatized, it would be a lucrative endeavor. The move to privatize began in 1970 under President Nixon and continues to this day under President Trump, who recommended in 2018 an initial public offering on the stock market or sale to an existing company. Not only that, but these current efforts undermine vote by mail in an election year. Unconscionable!

Sadly, needlessly, our institutions are assaulted, destroyed.

Kate Stulce, Ooltewah


Active cases is most important stat

You daily list the counties of Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama with their number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. I'm sure that information has importance.

How many active cases do we have today?

Randy Funderburk, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia


Grinding could fix McCallie bridge

The McCallie Avenue bridge over the rail yards has condition issues that are destroying cars. The junction between the street and the bridge has a sharp divide that shakes the car when you drive over it.

I called my city councilperson and complained. She said it was not in her district but offered to tell the council person involved about the issue.

It has been a year, and the problem is just as bad as ever. The response from the city was to put up a sign at the problem. The sign says "Bump." A little simple grinding could fix this.

Wayne H. Smith