It's 'physical,' not 'social,' distancing!

"Social distancing" is becoming a phrase used to mean keeping a physical space between ourselves and others. It is an oxymoron.

To be social means to get together with others to communicate with them. Often part of that communication is shaking hands or hugging. Distancing ourselves from others makes socializing impossible. There is nothing social about being distant!

I feel like the media is trying to make me think that being distant is the new definition of socializing. "Physical distancing" accurately describes what we are trying to achieve.

I encourage everyone to deny the social engineering in the phrase "social distancing" and use the more accurate phrase "physical distancing."

I also hope we quickly achieve herd immunity so we can get off the COVID-19 merry-go-round.

Eric Ashby, Harrison


Put Forrest statue in Cumberland River

An open letter to state Sens. Gardenhire and Watson and state Reps. Carter and Smith: Your positions related to Nathan Bedford Forrest are troubling.

I have never been more disappointed with my Tennessee representatives. I'm ashamed I voted for Democratic Gov. Ray Blanton, but your positions concerning Forrest pale in comparison.

Forrest's bust in the Capitol is reprehensible. Yes Robin, "bad" Democrats put it there; now it's time Republicans help "good" Democrats remove it. A book tells of a fellow from Nazareth. As a Tennessee representative, he would be shouting, "Put the bust in the Cumberland River." His name is Jesus!

Forrest was an evil man. As a slave trader, he sold little children from their mothers, and was responsible for the assassination of 300 unarmed Black Union soldiers at Fort Pillow. Have you read about what the Nazis did to American soldiers at the "Malmedy Massacre?" Identical.

Forrest tried to rid the South of African Americans, as did Hitler of Jews in Europe. After the Civil War, Forrest helped organize the KKK. Reprehensible.

I knew better when I came to Tennessee at 17 from Montgomery, Alabama. If we talk the talk about Christianity, we should walk the walk.

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.


Biden should own up to 'do-nothing' past

Is it because he is old and forgetful or is it that the Democrat-controlled media will not report on it?

In January, when President Trump banned travel to China, Joe Biden called him a racist and xenophobe, but in March after COVID-19 had been declared a pandemic, when asked what he would do, Biden said he would ban travel to China, then said he would enact the War Powers Act to manufacture the PPE and respirators.

President Trump had already done that weeks before. So, I suppose since Biden plagiarized Trump's management, the Democrats should also say that Biden would have mismanaged the pandemic.

Joe Biden also plagiarized President Trump's economic policy of buy American, build in America. So it seems, if you believe him, that as vice president, he was totally against Obama's economy.

Remember when President Obama told the American people to get used to manufacturing jobs leaving the United States? Or when he said to business owners, who sacrificed time and fortune to start a business, "you didn't build that, the government built it for you."

I wonder, was Joe Biden the last one in the room when these policies were discussed?

C'mon Joe, own up to your do-nothing past. C'mon media, report honestly on all candidates, the good and the bad.

Jack Runge, Rising Fawn, Georgia