Why does TFP allow biased news stories?

Apparently, the Times Free Press felt the need to run a full-page ad affirming its commitment to impartiality in reporting and editing "honestly, fairly, objectively, and without personal opinion or bias." A worthwhile goal, but one where the TFP falls short, especially regarding choosing what stories to run.

I commend the TFP for its opinion section, where you have the liberal view on the left and the conservative view on the right. I understand the TFP has to use national news sources like The Associated Press (AP) for news stories; however, many of the AP stories are biased. Whenever I see an AP story with Jill Colvin and/or Zeke Miller in the byline, I know it's going to be an attack piece on President Trump. The TFP printed an example of this on Aug. 13. Some examples from the report: "President Trump's campaign is struggling to define California Senator Kamala Harris," "Harris has staked out relatively moderate stances," "complicating the Trump campaign's crude efforts," and "President Trump has reverted to his usual playbook, resorting to sexist and racist attacks." Is this a news story or an opinion piece?

Ralph Rabus

Ringgold, Georgia


Don't leave Head Start out of COVID relief

As the retired CEO of an area Head Start Agency, I am concerned the COVID-19 funding package being discussed by Congress does not include Head Start funding. It is troubling Head Start has been left out of this package, which is designed to help families and schools address important health and safety issues while reopening during this pandemic. Head Start programs are facing significantly increased expenses related to the new health and safety standards, but without the additional funds needed.

To serve the nearly one million Head Start families living at or below the poverty line, this funding is vitally important. Without these funds for adequate PPE, staffing adjustments, additional janitorial services and facility improvements, children, families and staff are put at unnecessary risk. While virtual/online learning can be implemented in certain situations, it is by no means an adequate replacement in situations involving young children. It is also important to provide these services so the parents can themselves get back to work.

So, I am calling up Sens. Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn to fight for emergency funding of $1.7 billion that is critical for all the Head Start programs of Tennessee to help keep our most at-risk children safe through COVID-19.

James Anderson

Cleveland, Tennessee


Carlson apologized; Biden also blew Kamala's name

To the Chattanooga Times editorial page editor: Your recent editorial blasting Tucker Carlson for mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name was interesting.

If you had bothered to watch Fox for the second time in your life, you would have heard Carlson later apologize several times for the mistake — then play a clip from Biden's introduction of Harris in which Biden mispronounces her name the same way!

Perhaps your next editorial will give Joe a zero.

Jeff Wilson