Separate Trump, Biden; let MSNBC and Fox debate

I have a couple of suggestions about the upcoming presidential debates.

When Biden and Trump meet, have them in separate studio locations to prevent the president from trolling and interrupting Biden as he speaks. In addition, if the president exceeds his time limit, the producers could simply silence him and switch to Biden's screen.

Second, I would love for PBS to sponsor a debate between Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes on the one hand vs. Sean Hannity/Laura Ingraham on the other. PBS should extend the invitation to both MSNBC and FOX to see who would agree to it.

Dr. Michael V. Woodward



Mail-in voting? What could go wrong?

My earliest memory of the electoral process is standing in line with my parents for what seemed an eternity in the 1956 presidential election. As an adult and voting in a Georgia precinct, my experience has always been the same: a brief wait in line; greeting the occasional neighbor; completing the simple documents, which in this state always includes showing a photo ID, and then proceeding to the touch-screen voting machine, which I always leave wondering if my vote actually tabulated or simply got lost "in the cloud."

Is it possible to make a nonpartisan comment about the current brouhaha over the postal service and mail-in balloting? In a country where millions of Americans move every year, where voter registration lists are often out-of-date and thus inaccurate (some localities have registrations which exceed in number the actual adult population), where despite their best efforts, the postal service occasionally misplaces or delays mail delivery, what could possibly go wrong with a plan to mail ballots to every person who ever registered to vote, whether or not that person is still alive or still lives at the same address? Neither major party will benefit from inevitable election chaos.

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Sentence structure makes reader wonder

It is very important to construct a sentence correctly. This sentence left me questioning. "I'm of the opinion that the enclosed mall is not a form-factor people enjoy anymore, especially lower-class ones." Who or what is "lower class"?

Malls or people?

Margie Merritt

Ringgold, Georgia


Trump threatens election, Social Security

I have been following the attempt by President Donald Trump to rig the election through the postal service. Sorting machines have been taken away. At least 20 Democrat attorneys general announced plans to sue over changes that disrupted mail service.

Trump wants to sow confusion because he knows no one with good sense would vote for him.

He want to privatize the postal service as well as Medicare through Advantage plans. This takes people out of original Medicare and turns their care over to insurance companies (which are large donors to politicians). In other words, they are paid off to destroy Medicare.

If Donald Trump cheats his way to victory, there will be no Social Security, no Medicare. If you watch TV, you often see Joe Namath talking about Medicare — everything is free. But the Advantage plans will destroy Medicare.

The misguided Trump followers must not watch TV or read.

Mark Proctor