Where are voices of other Black women?

Another example of liberal bias was evident in the Times Free Press on Aug. 23. The opinion piece by David Cook, "Listening to outspoken and unapologetic Black women," was weighted to the left. From this piece, are we to believe for Black women to be heard, they must be outspoken and radical?

What about well-spoken, conservative Black women who have and are making a positive difference in society? Where are their names? Since none were given, here's a few: Condoleezza Rice, former United States secretary of state; Candace Owens, author, commentator, political activist; Star Parker, syndicated columnist; Mia Love, representative to Congress; Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr.

Highlighting a quote by Maxine Waters reveals the liberal direction of this article. Why not feature a quote from King, who said, "We must pray and unite as people of one blood, one America and one human race."

Using a closing comment from a conservative such as Rice would bring positivity: "You might not be able to control your circumstances, but you can control your response to your circumstances. You never cede control of your own ability to be successful to something called racism."

T. Berokoff

McDonald, Tenn.


We must protect our postal service

To Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and Sens Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn:

On Aug. 22, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Delivering for America Act (H.R. 8015), a $25 billion funding infusion to the U.S. Postal Service. It would reverse the service changes that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy enacted this year and prevent the postal service from taking any measures that could slow down the mail until after the coronavirus pandemic or Jan. 31, 2021, whichever is later.

Rep. Fleischmann has already voted against this bill, so I want to encourage Sens. Blackburn and Alexander to vote for it. Please stand up to President Trump in his unconstitutional attempts to dismantle the postal service. Our Founding Fathers established this service because they viewed it as necessary for a stable America. To mail a letter to Alaska costs only 55 cents, but if the postal service were privatized as Trump wants it, that letter would cost an exorbitant amount of money. Americans have a right to have their mail, including absentee ballots, be delivered in a prompt and timely manner. Please do the right thing and protect this great American institution.

Mary C. Caliandro



Biden, extremist Muslims bad for U.S.

Has there ever been a more inept candidate running for president than Joe Biden? He is suffering from memory lapses now, so how bad can it get in four more years? Biden has never accomplished anything significant during his decades in Washington, so why expect him to become a star now?

Joe Biden spoke to Emgage, a pro-Muslim group which seeks to mobilize Muslims on issues that promote issues contrary to American views. They want schools to teach more about Islam, Muslim contributions and have Muslim textbooks in schools. He said Muslims will be a part of his administration. Emgage PAC endorses candidates who are Muslim-friendly. The Council on Islamic Relations is dedicated to destroying our country, its religious heritage and all other religions.

This country has always been shaped by Christian values and should always remain that way. We must not allow the Muslim religion to influence our values or way of life.

Wilma Holbrook


Dems' approach clearly not working

Many extreme proposals are being proposed by Democrat leaders. Some of these include: doing away with police, ICE, prisons, border walls and taking away guns from citizens.

It would be nice if we could all live in a world where these were not needed, but we don't. We live in a real world. Reality shows there are some violent, destructive, harmful people in every society. Look at Chicago, Portland, Seattle and other cities right now.

Therefore, civilized societies over decades and centuries have recognized you have to have police and prisons and border walls to have a safe, secure society. Democrats don't seem to recognize this necessity anymore.

The modern Democrat Party wants to live in "fantasyland." Right before our eyes we can see the Democrat approach and philosophy in action as they deal with massive violence and rioting in their cities — Portland (more than 80 days in a row), Seattle, Chicago, New York and other Democrat-run cities. Their approach is not working, is it?

You have to have punishments, prosecutions, prisons and border walls to have a secure society. It is that plain, that simple. Period.

W.H. Hicks



Trump accomplished more than Obama did

Democrats, ask yourself and be honest, "Why am I a Democrat?" Is it because your parents, or grandparents were? What have the Democrats done for America or the American people? Nothing.

A vote for a Democrat is a vote for socialism. Biden is a puppet; that is why Obama chose him. Harris will be in control; she will use her ideas and make Biden think they are his. The Dems have shown their true colors since Trump has been in office, and they are not red, white and blue. President Trump has done more in his time of office than Obama has ever thought about doing. If the Dems had accomplished as much as Trump has done, they would be giving themselves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mary Rominger

Ringgold, Georgia