Fleischmann on the wrong side of history

To Rep. Chuck Fleischmann:

I see you have signed with 100 Republican colleagues to the wrongful Texas lawsuit to further attempt to wreck our American democracy and the sanctity of citizen votes.

In future years, a "Profile in Courage" will be written about your Republican colleague and true American patriot, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, for standing tall against an evil tide of hateful Trumpian vitriol and dishonesty.

I am sorry your name will be among those in the regretful column for all the years this sad record is highlighted in American history. Please do not think that just because there are 100 other Republicans listed in this distressing act that this will give you "cover" in the historical record.

I had hoped you would stand strong for Tennessee and America and not have allowed your name to be used in such a clownish and despicable manner.

Franklin McCallie


No way are we on the way to socialism

Equating emergency restrictions related to COVID as "socialism" or conceding "undue power to government" is one part idiocy and three parts illiteracy. The closest we have been to a socialistic/command economy? Answer: World War II.

The government imposed price setting, travel limitations, food and fuel rationing, mandatory blackouts and conscription.

The American people accepted these burdens because of the war. The pandemic represents a crisis that has killed almost 300,000 people in less than a year. Total U.S. combat deaths in World War II were roughly 400,000 in four years.

Maybe we could accept wearing a mask and some limits on our public behaviors without so much worry we're on a slippery slope to socialism.

Don Thurman

Cleveland Tenn.


Our liberties hang in balance

I never thought we in America would have a cyber-theft election. But the worst was reading some recent nasty comments.

The Democratic/COVID-19 party is a danger to our republic and to our constitutional liberties. This anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-American cabal of woke liberals who favor flag burners and hate everything that is American.

The liberals support mobs who have destroyed so much of our larger cities — all in the name of "racial justice." What exactly is just about looting and burning a small downtown business?

The liberals propose court-packing to have their unconstitutional ideas rubber-stamped by like-minded woke liberal judges. Nothing "democratic" about that — sounds totalitarian to me.

The liberal's anti-Israel, pro-Iran mindset may backfire. The Arabs seem to be joining with Israel in an anti-Iran alliance. Biden may be OK with a nuclear-armed Iran, but the rest of the Middle East is not. Israel will not ask Biden for permission to continue to exist.

Georgia citizens: Please vote for both GOP Senate candidates in January's runoff. America and the world depend on checks on a future Biden regime. Our constitutional liberties hang in the balance.

Ronald Williams