As chairman of the board of the Maclellan Foundation, I'm writing to offer additional clarity on this statement printed Tuesday in Meghan Mangrum's article: "UnifiEd, which launched in 2014 with backing from the Benwood, Footprint, and Maclellan foundations, ... ."

While we did give a one-time grant to launch a project titled "City-wide Report Card on Literacy," it was not a grant to launch UnifiEd as an organization. At that time, we, and the other foundations in town, were spending more than a million dollars to promote a third-grade literacy initiative within HCDE. The grant was given to establish and manage an instrument to track our progress as a community.

Since that initial project grant, the Maclellan Foundation has not funded UnifiEd, which has become increasingly political, and its ideas about what is best for Hamilton County Schools are at odds with our foundation's understanding of the best course forward.

We support our community's schools, teachers, and students, and will continue to invest in solutions that prepare Chattanooga's children for future success. We do not believe UnifiEd's APEX plan to be a part of that future.

Robert H. "Scott" Maclellan, chairman

David Denmark, executive director


Impeachment was a complete travesty

I have watched a three-year attempted coup by a group of hating politicians. Seems they wanted to overturn a legit election and remove a legitimate president from office.

The day of inauguration, The Washington Post ran an article: "The impeachment campaign has begun."

A federal prosecutor proclaimed we need to impeach. The group The Resistance was formed.

The impeachment was a horrible sham. The House would not take time to go to court to get witnesses and documents. Members wanted this sham done by December.

The House investigates to produce sufficient evidence. The Senate weighs the evidence and rules. It is not required to investigate.

Watching a coup is scary. I never thought l would see this travesty in America.

Bribery was claimed against an opponent. There is no opponent until one is chosen. Adam Schiff said voters could not be trusted to elect a president. You guys who love that fellow better let that statement sink in. Can you say anarchy?

Herbert Braswell


Trial possible without witnesses?

I do not understand having to ask permission to call witnesses to testify.

How do you have a trial without witnesses? Just curious.

Mary Taylor


TFP story play tells a sad tale

Such interesting juxtapositions in a recent Saturday paper.

On Page 1, there's news that 59 percent of Tennessee voters don't support removing Trump from office despite his proven corruption.

On Page 2, there's columnist Jay Greeson's assessment that "the national hand-wringing about Lamar Alexander doing what his constituents want is laughable." His argument, apparently, is that majority rule should determine what despicable behavior we tolerate, enabling "statesmen" like Alexander to publicly disavow it while washing his hands of it, Herod-like.

Then on Page 1 again, there's brutal historical evidence of the logical outcome of Greeson's argument: Rev. David Kennedy holding a photo of his great uncle's lynching a century ago in South Carolina. Majority rule trumped justice and decency then, too.

Allison Reilly Gorman