Finally, it's over!

After more than 3 1/2 years of politically driven efforts to undo the 2016 election of Donald Trump, the whiny community of liberals walks away with nothing!


* Our republic: The impeachment process was intended for high crimes and misdemeanors, not because you hate the president.

* Office of the president: The president is the head of the Executive Branch and not a vassal of the U.S. House. That's "separation of powers." If Congress has an issue, settle it in a court of law.

* President Trump: Thanks to the stupidity of Democratic Party zealots, Trump will be re-elected. Can you say conservative judiciary?


* Establishment media: Are these guys insane or just stupid?

* Democratic Party: Only village idiots would want to turn America over to folks like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. Hey, keep up the good work. Trump's numbers are the highest ever.

* Pelosi: I was going to give Schiff the individual loser award, but Nancy went the extra mile when, in a hissy fit, she tore up the SOTU transcript, acting like a junior high prima donna. But 14-year-olds show more maturity than Nancy did.

Ronald Williams


Pelosi's tearing typical of Democrats

When Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump's State of the Union address, I saw this as very typical of the way the far left has been treating Trump all along. Nancy shuffled papers throughout Trump's address, obviously not listening to a word Trump said.

Then she exercised the far left "resist" of all things Trump by tearing up her copy of the address. I see this as typical Democrat behavior — throwing all of Trump babies out with the bathwater. To paraphrase Mark Antony: "The bad men do lives after them. The good is often interred with their bones. So let it be with Trump."

Well, if the Democrats take over in 2020, they will find Trump a nearly impossible act to follow.

Dr. Tom Herzog


What kind of world are we giving kids?

Both political parties waste rhetoric calling for unity in urging the public to tone down scathing attacks on each other. For true unity, I believe change comes from those who lead by example. Both parties need to re-examine their philosophies when addressing our concerns in making this country better.

I urge President Trump to do us a favor by canceling his Twitter account and communicating through regular White House press briefings. I for one do not want to hear his 4 a.m. ramblings because he can't sleep. If he were doing his job, he would not have time to tweet as much.

Today, I was having lunch with my 6-year-old grandson, Sam, and the president was speaking about his recent impeachment on television. Sam turned to me and said, "Granddaddy, when is the president going to do something about guns?" Here is a first-grader worried about guns. I was shocked because he attends one of the newest, best schools in Hamilton County.

Maybe it's time we talked to our children about what kind of world they want. We adults are not doing a very good job of it. Can we lead by example? I wonder.

Buell Connell