I should not have to write this letter. However, Republican senators, excepting patriot Mitt Romney, have told us they are leaving Donald Trump's "guilt and removal from office" for the citizens, the Fourth Branch of Government. Those senators are violating their sworn oath, refusing to execute their responsibilities.

If you have watched television of Trump in recent days, you know we must seize that mantle Lincoln called "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." Evidence shows our fake leader is a vile, selfish, hateful man without morals, faith, or integrity. He once boasted he could shoot someone without consequence.

The crucial question now, as he illegally grabs more power: When will he or his people start shooting us in the street, knocking on our doors at midnight, causing us to disappear, ordering more subtle death blows to our constitutional democratic republic?

Of our elders, we have asked and heard: "What were the Germans doing when Hitler arose dragging depraved evil with him?" Well, look around and see the danger.

I refuse excuses for Trump: ignorance, greed, mental illness, character defect. He is at best a bad person, unqualified for office. Trump knows exactly what he is doing, and we must care enough to work to hire a new, worthy and capable president.

Rebecca Raymond


Haynes earned my vote for re-election

I have worked in the assessor's office for 38 years.

In 2016, Bill Bennett chose to retire. Three men chose to run in the Republican primary hoping to follow in the footsteps of two highly regarded Republican assessors — Claude Ramsey and Bill Bennett. The office was divided in our support. The candidate I openly supported was not elected.

Marty Haynes went on to win the general election. On Marty's first day, he made it clear the election was behind us. We were now a team with the same goals, and he looked forward to working with each of us. Over the last four years, we have remained a team under Marty's leadership.

He campaigned promising to bring a conservative business approach to the assessor's office by running our office more efficiently, saving taxpayer dollars, increasing education and improving technology. He has kept his word to the people of Hamilton County by doing exactly what he said.

This election has no vacant seat. There is no divided office. We have a dedicated staff working for a fair and trustworthy assessor. I am asking you to continue to support the current assessor and his staff. Re-elect Marty Haynes.

Susan Sivley, Ooltewah