Following are some random thoughts about our great leader:

* He inspires widespread hatred and violence. He is without conscience or feelings of mercy. He presents himself as never wrong or blameworthy. He is completely indifferent to the plight and sufferings of others. His consummate prevaricating and corruption skills are excellent models for other narcissistic psychopaths.

* He "knows" heaven has ordained that he be free of all laws, thus allowing him gradual dismantling of our democracy and destruction of all forms of life. He, of course, is superior to minorities, actually to everyone. Total loyalty is due him, not the reverse. He capitalizes on ignorance.

* The great one proclaims himself a patriot, moralist, humanitarian and idealist (just a terrific guy). How can we possibly doubt his character?

In light of the above will the American public in its infinite wisdom re-elect him or will it dump the Trump?

A. Sheldon Gelburd


American Cancer Society thankful for record campaign

The American Cancer Society believes finding breast cancer early can increase the chances of treating it successfully! Local funding is used to help provide screening guidelines, education for health care professionals and increased public awareness about the importance of getting recommended tests.

Funds raised from Chattanooga's recent, record-breaking Real Men Wear Pink Campaign neared $115,000. Every action, every dollar donated, moves us one step closer to a world, a state, free from breast cancer. From research education, prevention to diagnosis, and treatment to recovery, the ACS provides support to everyone impacted by this horrible disease.

Special thanks to Taft Butcher, our 2019 Real Man of the Year; EPB, our first ever presenting sponsor; Jennifer Bardoner and the staff at Chatter Magazine; Dr. Martina Harris, my co-chair; our ambassadors; Robin Grant, my supportive wife; and most importantly, our generous and supportive community for your financial support! The ACS currently funds 16 cutting-edge, cancer fighting research grants in Tennessee to the tune of $10 million.

Together, we will find a cure!

Eddie Grant, chairman, Bal Harbor


Haynes character suggests re-election

Please join me in voting to re-elect Marty Haynes for assessor of property.

I have known Marty for more than 50 years and can attest firsthand to his high character and unwavering commitment to his family, faith and passion for our community that has led him to be a public servant. Marty is a man of service and integrity who truly wants the best for Hamilton County as his accomplishments as assessor have shown.

Let's keep stability and effective leadership in place as we re-elect Marty Haynes as our assessor of property.

Mike Hixson