I read comments from people on both sides accusing the other of hypocrisy. They are both correct. Did you ever hear the saying "You can tell a politician is lying when you see their lips moving?"

One reason I am a registered independent voter is that I will not let party affiliation determine who I would vote for.

When President Trump ran, he was going against both the Democrats, establishment Republicans and media. So how did he win? There were enough Americans who were sick and tired of being ruled by elites in Washington, D.C., an area of the country with the highest income, no fear of unemployment and not producing a darn thing.

The establishment Republicans and Democrats along with elite media want to keep us divided and fighting among ourselves and not accomplishing anything that will help all Americans.

President Trump is doing things to help everyone, not a select group. As an example, the Affordable Care Act may have helped some get health insurance, but to millions the cost of premiums and co-pays skyrocketed. A good law does not help one group while punishing another. Obamacare must be repealed. Republicans and Democrats along with the president must work together for a health law that will benefit all Americans.

Jack Runge

Rising Fawn, Georgia


Haynes clear choice in assessor's race

Marty Haynes has done more as assessor than any other in recent memory. He saved us over $500,000 by eliminating the unnecessary and wasteful employee take-home car policy.

He was named the East Tennessee Assessor of the Year and earned our assessors office a three-star rating for the first time.

Marty also implemented a professional development program that has enabled six appraisers to earn state and national professional designations — one of the highest numbers in the state. He was also able to modernize the assessors office by installing a new computer system and software upgrades to help improve the reassessment process and make it more transparent and efficient as well as enhance the online appeals process.

Marty is the clear choice on Super Tuesday, March 3. Please join me in supporting Marty Haynes for assessor of property.

William Reynolds


Democrats can get help in order to win

For years, Democrats and Republicans (and everything between) have participated in "dirty tricks." Merriam-Webster defines them as "underhanded stratagems for obtaining secret information about or sabotaging an enemy or for discrediting an opponent (as in politics)."

Now it seems Republicans in the Senate have taken dirty tricks to an art form. Lamar Alexander defended his vote for no witnesses in the impeachment trial by stating "... no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and that does not meet the United States Constitution's high bar for an impeachable offense." But he also said president's actions "were inappropriate."

No, Sen. Alexander, not just inappropriate. Using the power of the presidency to ask a foreign government for dirt on an opponent is worse than a dirty trick. When our country was founded, of utmost concern was interference by a foreign power. And, as Alexander indicated, it was proven Trump did the things he was accused of. That included withholding foreign aid for a political dirty trick.

So, Joe, Bernie, Elizabeth, Pete, Amy ... it is legal. You can now ask any country for help with your election and use any power you have to win.

Pat Ralston