As a 30-year retired Army Vietnam veteran, I want to express my appreciation to you for the wonderful articles on the Medal of Honor (MOH) included in recent editions of the newspaper. The article is a historical perspective of the MOH and those who went above and beyond the call of duty and who were honored for their selfless actions on the battlefield.

The Charles H. Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center itself, according to your coverage, is a place where exemplars of honor and respect are celebrated. I have followed this story, and now that the center has finally opened its doors, I would hope that many pay their respects and learn what the center has to offer.

My wife and I live in Ellijay, Ga., and this summer we plan on making the trip there to visit and pay our respects. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this fine memorial.

SGM John Bartosik


Vote for Sanders a suicidal move

To all you Bernie Sanders supporters out there: Please be aware that as a Marxist in the 1970s he wrote about women having rape fantasies and that sexually repressed women are more likely to get cancer. He also honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Please!

We want to get Trump out of office as much as anybody, but this will give Trump ammunition that he is sure to use. That this man should be the Democratic presidential nominee is suicidal. Please vote, but vote for anybody except Bernie.

Jack and Nancy Bishop, Birchwood


Twelve minutes late, sent home from VA

On Feb. 18, I appeared for my scheduled appointment at the Athens VA clinic with Dr. Anthony. I was 12 minutes late and had to wait five minutes to check in. It was a cold, rainy day, and I live 30 minutes away. I was refused service.

The reason I was told by the attendant, who appeared distressed to tell me: "I was 17 minutes late — they checked the computer for my check-in time." (Again, I had to wait at least five minutes to check in.) I was told by the attendant to go home. I went home untreated.

I served four years active in the Air Force during the Vietnam era. This is the thanks I get. I don't know who else to contact. I did contact the complaint line but don't feel just a call is enough. Twelve minutes late — ridiculous! No one was in the waiting room and no one was there when I left. Empty!

This is exactly what happened. I am proud of the treatment I have always received in the past from the VA and grade them as excellent and very concerned with my health).

Larry Roddy


Wants newspaper to stop 'Rants'

In the interest of democracy and true freedom of speech, I am calling for the Times-Free Press to stop publishing the Sunday "Rants."

Providing an anonymous forum for complaints and grievances does nothing to enhance civil discourse or understanding. It is cowardly, shameful and un-American to publicly proclaim beliefs and opinions when hidden behind a mask, or from under a hood. If a person does not have the courage of their convictions, and the moral strength to proclaim and defend their opinions, then such utterances ought not be dignified in a newspaper's editorial section.

Whether thoughts and words are loving or hateful, wholesome or offensive, all people have a right to be heard "without fear or favor" as the TFP boldly proclaims from its masthead.

As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

Paul Mallchok


Trump hurting, not helping military

There are many reasons President Trump disgusts me, but when I hear people talk about how much he has done for the military, I know they've been drinking the Kool-Aid. What he has done and is doing are damaging our military.

Two examples are particularly egregious. To build his "beautiful wall," he has taken millions from the military construction budget that were designated to improving housing and schools for military families. The administration is proposing to greatly reduce the number of medical professionals in the military, which will result in dependents and retirees being refused care at military hospitals.

And don't get me started on his comment that he would not follow any of the Joint Chiefs of Staff into combat. He certainly didn't follow me into combat. I'm a retired Army officer and Vietnam veteran whose family benefited from care at Army and Air Force bases while I was on active duty and who depended on an Air Force hospital for years after I retired.

By the way, retiree care is not free at military medical facilities. Keesler Air Force Base Medical Center billed Medicare and TriCare for Life for my care.

James M. Hemsley


Who'll rid us of ugly, green metal?

My letter is concerning the very ugly, faded green metal pieces of equipment left when BellSouth left. AT&T apparently bought them and these ugly things have been left all over the place.

They are in yards, on the side of streets and attached to utility poles. Totally useless and ugly.

Wish the city would require someone to remove them.

Sandra Priddy


Reader offers self for coronavirus test

I am prepared to offer myself as a human test subject for tests for a vaccine for the coronavirus. In 1992, I acted in a similar way to be a volunteer for an AIDS vaccine trial at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. I am proud of my participation.

I have little faith that the regime in China will succeed in preventing a massive pandemic in all of that country. I hear that the United States military is planning measures to handle a major virus event here.

We, as a nation, must prepare ourselves with determination and maturity.

Harry Geller


We can't live with proposed budget

As a senior citizen, I am aware the proposed federal budget is extremely detrimental to seniors. The slashing of the budgets of Medicare and Social Security will affect me, my family, friends, the economy of Tennessee and the country.

Services for seniors from doctors and medical practices will be affected; the entire medical community will suffer. Tennessee has already lost 11 hospitals, which affected workers and communities.

Many doctors and their practices depend on Medicare payments. What will happen to them? It is not fair a small group of well-to-do people can destroy everything our parents and grandparents worked for.

Also affected in the proposed federal budget cuts are our national parks, cuts to the U.S. Postal Service, and cuts to funding for public radio and public television. Many lives will be affected by these proposed federal budget cuts.

I call on our representatives on all levels of government to honor their oaths and speak up against these horrible proposed federal budget cuts. No budget cuts to Medicare and Social Security now or ever! No budget cuts to public television or radio, no budget cuts for the U.S. Postal Service, no budget cuts for our national parks!

Irene Waynetta Dowdell