We are fortunate to have the Times Free Press give us each day a lively and comprehensive view of happenings in the area and the rest of the world. Many towns have lost their papers and suffered. 

The Times Free Press is an invaluable institution that has rich historical roots reaching back to its early owner Adolph Ochs and founder Roy McDonald. That diversity is alive and well in its two editorial pages.

One way to express our thanks to the paper is to make News Year's gifts of subscriptions to friends and family, especially the younger ones. Besides subscription gifts, we can support the paper by using its advertising to reach to a large base of readers in the metropolitan area.

Best wishes for much future success to the Times Free Press.

Frank "Mickey" Robbins


Thanks to president Soleimani is dead

After years of Gen. Soleimani killing our servicemen, our military killed the killer. Soleimani was the second most powerful man in Iran's government and a brutal madman! Thank you, President Trump, who has the courage to protect America! Compare how Obama/Biden handled Iran and other enemies. I'll explain.

What if an American town is being plagued by a bank robber? We know who he is, but we can't catch him. Since laws against bank robbery aren't working, let's try something else. Diplomacy, appeasement, bribery.

Call the robberies "unauthorized withdrawals." This softens the rhetoric so the media might understand. Next, send an occasional satchel of cash to the varmint. It's safer than tellers facing a loaded pistol. After all, banks are insured by the taxpayer-funded FDIC. This would satisfy liberals in city hall, the media and voters who put them in office, and stop the robberies, wouldn't it?

In the nuclear deal, Obama/Biden gave Iran billions of dollars. As in the bank robber example, Iran used our money to escalate terror against us.

Finally we have a leader with enough courage to take on the media, Congress and enemies abroad. Thank you again, President Trump!

Ed Huber, Copperhill, Tennessee


Trump will get us into war with Iran

Donald Trump is a child who lets his emotions rule his judgment.

He uses Twitter to lie to his supporters, reinforcing their prejudices. He continues to divide the nation into two tribal groups. He denies climate change and will get us into war with Iran.

He cozies up to despots Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin, both enemies of democracy. Yet Republicans support him.

Mike Bodine


Sorry, David Cook, can't forgive Trump

To [TFP columnist] David Cook: As you know, I rarely disagree with your opinions in your Sunday column. However, I take exception to your recent piece on "forgiving" the president.

In a democratic society, I think we agree we hold people in some vocations to a higher standard than others. Among these would be law enforcement officers, clergy, physicians, military members, journalists (at credible publications and outlets), teachers and, typically, elected officials. We expect these people to uphold the ideals of ethics, professional behaviors and in some cases religious beliefs, with the utmost respect of their positions and responsibilities in our society. To expect less damages the foundations of truth, fairness and accuracy upon which our society is based.

As the Buddha teaches in the Eightfold Path, having positive intention (right thought) and being compassionate (right action) are paramount to achieving freedom from suffering. I would posit the president has demonstrated neither in much of his actions and words.

Believe me, I get forgiveness. I've had to forgive many people for atrocities and neglects they perpetrated on me. But to do so with someone we expect to be above such behaviors as wrath and ostracism is just not tenable.

Betsy Alderman


On impeachment, let's talk about it

The Byron York commentary "The Bad Faith Impeachment" (Dec. 5) is itself a bad faith argument. It never addresses facts presented in the impeachment inquiry.

It never addresses the question all responsible citizens must consider: Did President Trump abuse the power of his office to pressure a dependent foreign government to investigate a major political opponent? Instead, it carries on about earlier efforts by a few Democrats to push for impeachment — all of which made no headway because of lack of support from other Democrats! Then he complains how the inquiry was conducted — which fails to address the substance of what was revealed.

Please recognize this for what it is, a misdirection to take attention away from the facts. I urge everyone to check out both Democratic and Republican reports, discern the facts and use common sense. We might even consider talking to each other about this serious issue, putting aside inflammatory rhetoric and false arguments.

It's hard to listen to people who disagree with us, isn't it? Especially if they're shouting.

But for the sake of the country and the pursuit of truth, I urge us all, including myself, to listen respectfully to each other.

Betsy Darken


Expected better hospital treatment

I was a patient at a local hospital for an endoscopy last month.

A little past 1 p.m., a nurse from the GI lab came to take me for my procedure. She asked me my name and date of birth. I told her my date of birth, and then she asked, "How do you know?" What a stupid question.

Then after I attempted an explanation, she asked if I had anything to eat or drink after midnight. I explained that my instructions from my doctor's office said that I could have surgical liquids up to 6 a.m. because my procedure was scheduled for 1 p.m. She said, "We will take our chances!"

This woman acted like I was a fool. After I got home, the more I thought, the madder I got.

I left two messages on the GI lab director of nursing's voice mail. I never got a call. I take it she doesn't care how her employees talk to patients. Patients have a right to be addressed respectfully.

Maybe the next time I should take a copy of my birth certificate, instructions from my doctor's office and a lawyer with me.

David Knight


RainSmart program should get more use

The RainSmart reimbursement program run by the Chattanooga government is a great step toward preventing pollutants from being carried into the Tennessee River.

In this program, a rain garden is constructed on a homeowner's property for the purpose of collecting excess stormwater coming off the roof that would otherwise overrun existing infrastructure and carry pollutants into nearby water bodies.

I doubt many people have taken advantage of this program because of the extensive eligibility requirements to participate. You have to fill out an application, schedule a day for property assessment, submit a drawn plan, pass two inspections, etc.

More initiatives like this one need to become widely accessible to Chattanooga citizens.

On a large scale, things like this could really make a difference in beginning the restoration of our river that our city holds in such significance.

No glamour photo of downtown Chattanooga or music festival is complete without the river, and pride is lost in these when you learn our city is playing a part in its pollution when it could be doing more.

Gavin Page