Rise up Middle America. Don't allow the evil East- and West-Coast Democratic Party to take control of our country. It would be disastrous to America if these anti-God socialists took control of the executive branch and both houses of the legislative branch of our government.

We conservatives must defeat them in 2020 and take control of the House, Senate and presidency so our country can continue to prosper.

The Democratic Party has become the socialist Democrat Party. Socialism has never been successful throughout history, and it never will be. It may work for a short time until it runs out of the people's money. With socialism, there would be two classes of people, the poor and the party rulers. Look at Venezuela now. It has one of the largest oil deposits in the world, yet the people are starving. Why? Socialism.

Come on hard-working, tax-paying Middle America, rise up. Voting is the only way we can defeat these socialist Democrats. Don't let a few liberal states on the coasts control our country. There are more of us than there are of them.

So, vote for conservative Christian leaders and win the House, Senate and presidency Nov. 3.

Darrel Silvey


Hart's wrong about worth of ethanol

Ron Hart recently trashed the "greasy hands and half-baked policy ideas" of various policymakers. He is entitled to his views on politics, but his column also contained a list of myths about ethanol. Readers deserve the truth.

First, recent U.S. Department of Agriculture research proves homegrown ethanol reduces carbon emissions 39% or more. In addition, corn-based ethanol does not receive "subsidies." The last one expired nearly a decade ago.

Ethanol's better for drivers, too. Thanks to competition at the pump under the Renewable Fuel Standard, ethanol saves the average household $142 annually, according to the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Ethanol also provides an octane boost for better performance, without the need for toxic additives linked to groundwater contamination, smog and cancer. That's why 98% of all fuel contains about 10% ethanol.

And the idea ethanol takes more energy to produce than it yields? Even most oil industry followers stopped making that claim years ago, after they were unable to refute years of federal reports showing the opposite.

The truth is homegrown biofuels play a vital role in improving fuel choices for motorists and protecting our climate.

Chris Bliley, senior vice president of regulatory affairs

Growth Energy (representing ethanol)


House procedure not end of story

"To give the news impartially without fear or favor." This is your declared statement above the name of your newspaper every day.

On Dec. 19, the headline for the day said, "Trump Impeached." Whoa, let's not get the cart before the horse.

Trump has not been impeached. The House brought several charges against Trump, finally deciding on two. Its members voted to impeach him. Now, instead of sending the indictment directly to the Senate, they have held it.

When it is sent to the Senate, its members will study the charges against the laws of our Constitution governing impeachment of the president. The Senate may call witnesses to testify. The Senate will vote yea or nay whether President Trump will be or not be convicted.

The Constitution designated the House to bring charges against a president and send those charges to the Senate. The Senate, in the Constitution, is charged to find that president guilty or not. We wait to find what comes.

Joyce Kolbus