The Ship of Fools proceeds with impeachment as if it's important and anybody cares. The impeachment procedure was meant for high crimes, not business as usual crimes. Every president has made deals asking for dirt or favors or whatever they like.

Here's a bit of news — nobody cares. Nobody cares that the vice president's son got a corrupt, cushy job. Nobody cares that Trump tried to throw some light on that. Nobody cares.

We do care, however, when corrupt leaders try to overthrow our elected leader. Please don't bore me with the popular vs. electoral results. He was elected according to the rules and laws of this country. Don't like 'em, change 'em. But those are the rules of the game right now. 

Perfectly valid and legal election. Not like some earlier elections where dead people cast votes. The old vote early and vote often. Given that the election was valid though unpopular with some powers that be — too bad. Wait four years and try again.

Impeachment is the lazy way out. Truly pathetic.

Mike Wolford, Hixson


History, not Bible, better guideline

Cal Thomas's recent commentary examining whether anti-Trump Christians would prefer a secular president over a Christian one reveals his startling ignorance of American history.

He approvingly cites Romans 13:1, which states "[e]veryone must submit to governing authorities (tea in the harbor anyone?). For all authority (Hitler, Mussolini, Trump, Saddam?) comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God."

No doubt, Thomas would have supported the loyalist cause during the American Revolution, favoring monarchial rule and kingly control over a government whose sovereignty comes from the people and whose creed rests upon equality.

Thomas could enlighten himself by studying:

1. Isaac Backus, a famous Baptist minister who was willing to break the law to secure independence from Britain. He also rejected any religious mixture with governmental power.

2. James Madison, who observed that "religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise ."

3. Our Constitution, a secular document for a civil state, which neither mentioned God nor acknowledged the existence of a national creed.

As Thomas Jefferson observed, "[E]rror alone needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."

Michael V. Woodward, Hixson


Climate change push is for global control

The recent "climate change" demonstrations' rhetoric and doomsday scenarios reflect coordination of globalists who likewise finance the UN's Agenda 2030 sham (nee Agenda 21, which shares a 1992 inception date with the global warming sham). Its goal is puppet global governance with regulation over sovereign governments.

Having sown the mania that environmental calamity trumps facts — the real doomsday scenario — its world of dictatorial, global regulation provides its officials enormous personal wealth and economic and social control, at the cost of our liberties.

Why the coordination? As the predicted environmental collapse fails to occur and studies demonstrate there is no impending collapse, the window of opportunity to impose global regulation closes. It's a last-gasp effort to sell a hoax before its premise is exposed.

Climate change has occurred for more than four billion years. Reflective of the flux, three significant temperature trends have occurred in the last 90 years. By ignoring the first two and grossly manipulating data, the most recent warming trend (which abated in the late 1990s) is being misused to promote a geo-political agenda.

For now, that is fossil-fuel control, which is global economic control. If successful, a new social order follows.

RG Kirn, Soddy-Daisy