Let Senate trial spill the evidence

President Trump attempted to bribe Ukrainian leaders into digging up dirt on his political opponents in our upcoming election. That was his first crime. Next, he tried to cover up his illegal actions by refusing to turn over documents and denying lawful subpoenas. This was his second crime. He even has admitted his cover-up(s) on camera! He believes he is above the law.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is actually aiding these presidential crimes by stating he will "coordinate" with Donald Trump! Has anyone ever heard of a judge (or member of a jury) who states he will "coordinate with" (work with) the accused person?

The American public deserves more than some sham trial. We demand that other documents and potential testimonies just recently revealed be made public. We demand the hard truth about Donald Trump.

Crystal Kadivar, Hixson


Chill had unique American story

On Dec. 18, the Chattanooga area lost a remarkable business leader with the passing of Leonard Chill. Via an unusual journey, Leonard was truly a member of America's Greatest Generation. Unlike many great stories from the era, Leonard's legacy began in Poland, where he survived the atrocities of the Holocaust to later become a successful entrepreneur.

In 1967, Leonard founded Chickamauga-based Synthetic Weavers (later Synthetic Industries), which began producing sandbags for the U.S. Vietnam War effort from newly introduced polypropylene fibers and yarns.

When Leonard stepped down as president in 2001, SI Corporation was a world leader in the manufacturing of carpet backing, geosynthetics, fibers for concrete reinforcement and erosion control products, employing more than 2,000 people from Chattanooga to Dalton. Despite the dynamic growth of SI, Leonard never forgot the friendships and relationships formed over the years. He loved to chat with any and everyone to learn more about their personal and business lives.

One would be hard pressed to find a more humble and caring man who created a unique, family-first corporate culture. Many of us are honored to have known and learned from this great man.

Marc S. Theisen


Trump brought us together — as allies

Thank you, Mr. President. You have given us so much to be thankful for this season. Many of us have found friends and allies we never realized we had.

Because of your disregard for our environment, and your battle with windmills and Greta [Thunberg], millions have come together to stand against a common foe to protect what we realize is one of the most important nonrenewable gifts God has given us — clean, healthy life on Mother Earth.

We have reached across the aisle to others who care and found friends where there would not have been any, had it not been for you.

That bond you have helped build is not only between those who wish to protect our environment but also those who wish to right the wrongs that have occurred to our county and to the world under your rule.

When we look at our conscience and the ecological and economic tragedies we are about to present to our children, we all want to have been on the right side of history. And we all ultimately know the appropriate and most obvious choice we should make for the generations to come.

Roger Shipley, Ringgold, Georgia