Hey, Times Free Press, about Trump's recent statement about whether attacking entitlements was on his agenda, he said, "Someday it will be."

This is a momentous admission.

Why did you bury it back on page A5? It should have been on the front page. You are supposed to be neutral, remember? His statements seem to suggest that if Trump is re-elected, we could see a reduction in Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements.

Glen Moultrie


Lee keeping kids from loving parents

Gov. Lee, what is wrong with you? Kids need love and support. You are preventing loving, supportive people from helping kids. You, Gov. Lee, are depriving kids from love and support.

I don't much care for labels, but I'll give you some of mine. Married 34 years. U.S. Navy veteran. Utterly disgusted with politics of hate, persecution and hypocrisy.

Please do the right thing for kids. You should be removing obstacles that prevent kids from getting love and support. If not, you are harming children.

Gov. Lee, stop harming children.

Larry Compton, Soddy-Daisy


Let market decide on scooter usage

The proposed legislation banning electric scooters smacks of nanny-state overreach.

I see no evidence of how the six-month moratorium on scooters "moved the needle" on why the taxpaying voters who reside in the city should be denied their choice for transportation. Those same choices are available to citizens of other cities in Tennessee. Why should Chattanooga be relegated to second-class, retrograde status?

Chattanooga's government has committed considerable resources and endured withering criticism to construct the infrastructure (bike lanes) that would support the safe use of electric scooters. Why would they then limit the vehicles that would use that infrastructure? That's like Eisenhower building the interstate highway system and then preventing pickup trucks from using it.

Why not let the market decide whether electric scooters are a viable option for transportation?

Michael Morrison


Dems, big media try to destroy Trump

It has been said by intelligence agencies that Russia is trying to divide this country by influencing our elections. I'm sure Putin and the Kremlin were ecstatic when the day President Trump was inaugurated, The Washington Post was reporting that impeachment efforts had begun.

Since President Trump was elected, the media and Democrats have trashed everything President Trump has done to make America great again. No Democrat voted for Trump's tax cuts that revved up our great economy. The Democrats and media have opposed the president getting rid of Obama's restrictive executive orders.

Every hour of every day the media and Democrats have accused the president of being a Russian agent, a Nazi, a racist, a misogynist and other falsehoods. When confronted with their lies, they lie even more.

Do you think the media would have done this to Hillary Clinton? I do not like Ms. Clinton, but I would not have done to her what the media and Democrats have done to President Trump. I would simply wait until the next election as our forefathers wanted.

Actually, I would vote for Hillary if, as president, she would have accomplished what President Trump has.

Jack Runge