Moscow Marsha Blackburn does it again. Our senator suggested that all senators who are running for president recuse themselves from the impeachment vote.

How about senators who spend time on Fox News defending Trump against towering evidence of wrongdoings? Ditto, propaganda on the net.

The Trump administration is a redux of the Republican Golden Age corruption on its very worst day. Moscow Marsha needs know about double standards. Sleazy to the core.

W.A. Reed


Stamps's life story inspiring to all

To Bill Stamps:

I have laughed and cried with you every Sunday. It is with a sad heart that you are leaving the paper. I fell in love with that 5-year-old boy who prayed so hard one cold winter night for a puppy. God heard that simple prayer and answered it with a miracle. You named him Prince and he became your four-legged soul mate for many years.

All the strife you endured as a child and adult has given you the strength and courage to share your life with others.

The Jan. 12 TFP carried your last article that everyone should read. You have gifts and talent that will go far and wide. Your life's story is a winner. Money, fame, fortune, power can't do the job of healing the soul. Only God can do that. I am so thankful God put some wonderful people in your life you never forgot. The good book says train up a child, and when he's older he will come back to the message.

Whatever you do, Bill Stamps, for the rest of your life you will do with passion to help the brokenness in our lives. Good loves and heals the broken pieces and can transform us when we give all the "stuff" to him. Something beautiful can be made of each life.

Good bless you as you go forward.

Zella Dixon, Hixson


'NA' beverage buys still requires ID — what?

An elderly person (over 80) is required to show his or her ID when buying nonalcoholic beer.

A product contains no alcohol and is so marked "NA" — no alcohol. This happens when shopping online, at pick-up time, and also in a retail store setting.

Who should be contacted at the state level about this?

Annabelle Laudeman


For best DMV wait, go to Hillsboro, Fla.

DMV wait lines: Hillsboro County, Florida, has the best system. Wait times less than one hour — about 15 minutes. I told this to Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee but to no avail. Hillsboro County — only 10 hours away.

Ed Foster, Dayton