Meghan Mangrum and TFP: I'm looking forward to your follow-up article about Erica Kelly's seventh grade world history class at Orchard Knob Middle School.

I am sure that the teacher soothes some of the fears that one young student had about the draft. The last draft occurred in 1973; we have been a volunteer Army and the finest in the world ever since.

I am sure the teacher explained that these volunteers (men and women) had dreams, too, but have fought against evil people who want to harm and destroy our country but also freedom-loving people throughout the world.

I'm sure that Ms. Kelly explained to her class that President Trump didn't start this war by sending a missile, but that we have been at war with Iran since 1979 when our embassy was invaded and 52 American hostages were taken and held for 444 days. Iran has been killing Americans, Israelis and Muslims in proxy wars ever since.

Does anyone believe students can learn the truth through social media, YouTube and Snapchat? I hope these students can learn and get answers to their important questions.

Rod Turner, Rossville, Georgia


Chess match on road to White House

Because the Dems and Queen Hillary lost their chess match in the 2016 election, they embarked on a second match with Nancy Pelosi in charge.

Her first moves were to sacrifice expendable pawns to affect public opinion. Blasey Ford was the first to go in the Kavanaugh hearings. Next was Mueller as head of a flawed, biased investigation. Pelosi, under pressure to pacify the radical left, was forced to impeach Trump. Then Schiff was used as a pawn by Pelosi to head up an impeachment inquiry (whatever that means) that was flawed by political stonewalling, bogus narratives and a phantom whistleblower.

Next, seeing a flawed strategy, she puts rook Biden into play. As a candidate, she sees him as a counter move to the radical socialist candidate pawns. By keeping the pawn radicals from campaigning to attend impeachment hearings, she sacrifices them to benefit Biden.

Pelosi then brings knight Schumer into play to defend the sloppy job of the House and obstruct the Senate impeachment trial. He's taken out of the game by public intolerance.

Result of match: Checkmate on Dems and victory for Trump in 2020 election. The winners are the American voters and the Constitution.

Knox Garmany, Harrison


We must find ways to fund our schools

What is happening to the Hamilton County schools? It is unbelievable how the county cannot fund the schools. Teacher pay is embarrassing, and many schools are run down. I see people moving here every day and condos going up everywhere, yet we have no money to properly fund the schools. As more people move here from around the country, they will demand good schools. Why don't we have an entertainment tax on hotels or an Airbnb tax to help funding? Is the county working with local businesses to see if they can help.

Bodi Zafa


Waiting for deeds to match Pence words

I just read in the TFP that Vice President Mike Pence spoke before a church audience in Memphis a couple of days ago in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy. The vice president then encouraged us all to rededicate ourselves to Dr. King's ideals in an effort to reunify ourselves and heal our fractured nation. Inspiring words, but Mr. Vice President, I have a question: When are you and this current administration and the Republican Party as a whole going to do your part and start this rededication? Or were those just empty words?

Mr. Vice President? Anyone?

Jim Griffin, Delano


Let's do what it takes to get SROs

Sheriff Jim Hammond recently told the school board he needs SROs, but it would be easier to train and arm school staff than hire security guards. As a school counselor at Hixson High School, I was almost overcome because of the idea staff might have to help slow a situation until authorities arrive.

Our SRO the past eight years has been Jimmy Bowers, part of the heartbeat of our school, an extension of our counseling staff and coach of our champion archery team. Because of his leadership and the trust he has earned, we have a culture of safety our students value and don't want to lose.

The school board is tasked with finding an interim solution. Options are limited. The SRO pool is too small. But I beg you to do whatever is necessary to put more like Jimmy Bowers in our schools.

When teachers wear 75 hats a day, let's not add this to their plates. I don't feel safe because an officer in my building has a gun. I feel safe because of the work our SRO does 100% of the time. Let's do what it takes to have more like him.

Jennifer Rimback


Why not positive reporting on Trump?

Media research groups tell us 96% of the reporting regarding President Trump is negative. Not only is the news 96% negative, much of it is viciously negative and often falsely negative. The reason we can know with certainty these supposed "news" outlets are fake, dishonest, inaccurate propaganda machines is because Americans aren't being affected in a negative way 96% of the time, not even close.

In fact, all Americans are experiencing direct positive benefits from this president between 65% and 85% of the time. All of us as Americans are enjoying the fruits of one of the greatest economic booms right now. Why can't we revel in this and get positive reports about it continually? We are not at war, and many of our soldiers are coming home. Trade with other countries is being equalized. Ruthless dictators in Iran and North Korea are being neutralized. Our borders are being secured. Why can't we have daily positive reports about this wonderful news?

Why do we have to be inflicted with 24/7 pessimistic reporting by our mainstream media "news" outlets just because they seem to despise Donald Trump? We deserve better than this.

Jerry Johns, Ringgold, Georgia


Utilities lacking in service follow-up

I live in the Stonehenge community. Two EPB fiber optics technicians recently told me a problem had been detected and that they would be outside replacing a part. I hadn't noticed a problem so I was impressed with the company's preventive maintenance approach to problem solving.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the power side of EPB or other service providers in the area.

My neighbors and I called EPB power several times in 2019 about unsecured power poles and about poles, streetlights, power and utility lines fouled with vegetation or dead limbs. Nothing has been done.

We have called Eastside Utility District Water many times about a leak seeping through the road at the top of Stonehenge Drive. No one bothered to return my voicemail.

I called AT&T about a seriously tilted, unrestrained pole. After repeated calls a new pole was installed. Two months later AT&T still hasn't moved its lines to the new pole.

Chattanooga Gas responds quickly when a gas leak is reported but routine repair work might take a week or two.

I'd like these companies to require improvements in their deferred maintenance policies.

Jack Zollinger