The Democrats (Bob Mueller) investigated false accusations about President Trump and Russian collusion for over two years. Since Obama was president during the 2016 election, thus in charge of the Justice Department, FBI, CIA and NSC, you would know that evidence of collusion would have been found. The real collusion, the Steele dossier, was never investigated.

Why did Mueller, who was charged with investigating Russian influence in 2016 election, ignore the dossier? Can you say cover-up?

The president started investigating foreign influence on our elections and the heat was being turned up.

The guilty were getting desperate, thus came the fake whistleblower and Democrats' fake impeachment.

Can you say cover-up?

Jack Runge, Rising Fawn


GOP, stand up for what is right

Brought up to believe in and support the government and its leaders, I am appalled and horrified by what passes for presidential speech and behavior by a president who apparently takes great pleasure in sowing division and hate.

Democrats are regarded as partisan if they call him out. So, where is the Republican leadership? And what does it say about them if they don't hold him accountable for his speech and behavior?

"Trump being Trump" is a supreme copout that blithely dismisses what we have never tolerated — and should never tolerate.

I urge you to contact your representatives/senators to encourage them to take a stand.

Let us not be "good people who do nothing" to challenge this behavior and the increasing division and hate it engenders.

Rev. Kate Stulce, Ooltewah


Leave City Council election dates alone

I noticed that Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod appears to want to keep voters from deciding the fate of politicians with her call for a policy to stagger terms of Chattanooga City Council members.

"So if there was a whole new set of people, there would not be anyone here to educate the council. Just imagine: If none of us returned, how would the new council people be able to get information?" she said.

After doing a spit take at such foolishness, I had to say it was spoken like a true politician who's had a taste of pork pie.

Perhaps the voters might decide to throw all the incumbents out at once to give a new bunch a chance to feed at the public trough. I don't see how they could do worse.

Stephen Greenfield, Cleveland


Critics vilified Obama during his tenure

About the Jan. 19 letter to the editor "Which is the true party of hate?" and this from the letter: "None of this kind of activity (hatred) happened to Obama by Republicans or conservatives during his eight years."

Wow! Selective memory, or none at all? Where to start? The 200-word limit restricts me!

A Sequatchie County sign read, "Abort Obama." Congressman Joe Walsh insisted Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya. Tim Donnelly, GOP candidate, accused Obama of "secretly following" the Islamic faith, being sympathetic to terrorists. A Pennsylvania corrections officer held a poster of Obama as a half-naked African native in a hut with a grass skirt and bone in his nose. Wish I could post the many pictures of Obama hung in effigy. Two assassination attempts were made on Obama in 2013 when ricin was mailed to him.

How about Jon Voight's comments that Obama "has brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals."

And let's not leave out Michelle. Alex Jones claimed he had "the final proof that Michelle is a man." She was called "an ape in heels" by Pamela Taylor. The mayor of Airway Heights, Washington, said Michelle has "a gorilla face."

Yeah, no hatred.

Tommy Hewitt, Sewanee