Don't use defund money for new initiatives

If the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County decide to redirect funds from law enforcement, do not be duped into using these funds to create "new initiatives" requiring new administrators to operate the "initiatives."

In so many instances, the "organizers" who made the most noise over an issue, did so in anticipation of a position being created for them to operate the new initiatives or programs.

This nearly always result in a waste of taxpayer dollars and usually involves unqualified people and results in misuse and even fraud.

Self-serving "initiatives" are exactly that ... self-serving. Take care. Taxpayers are watching — closely.

William Hughes

East Ridge


Military spouse, mom supports cartoonist

In answer to the July 3 letter, "Recent Bennett cartoon an insult to Marines," from an 83-year-old Marine about a Clay Bennett cartoon about not saluting the president:

I'm an 84-year-old whose husband, three daughters and five brothers were in the military. Why should anyone salute a man like Trump, a disgrace to America and the world?

Clay Bennett is always on the mark.

Elizabeth Kruga

McDonald, Tennessee



School board needs Tom Decosimo

I have known Tom Decosimo and his family for many years in many capacities, and he has consistently displayed the characteristics that will enable him to serve with distinction on the Board of Education to all the benefit of all residents.

* He has been a successful businessman with great financial strength at a time when those capabilities are badly needed.

* Although I know him as a friend, a fellow tennis player, the son of Joe Decosimo (one of my father's dearest friends) and from other common interests, I have most often crossed paths with Tom as he served our county so often through philanthropic and community activities.

* Tom has the personality and attitude to work with others to reach the best conclusions and to achieve successful results.

* A candidate with all the necessary talent and capabilities needs one other critical element. Their purpose must be to serve our community as their only goal and to the best of their ability. I have no doubt that Tom has the knowledge and experience to serve Hamilton County's education system, with distinction.

Pem Guerry


Trump still hung up on Obama's name

Now Trump wants to rip health insurance from millions of Americans simply because it has Obama's name attached to it. Will he ever grow up?

Eddie Gwaltney

Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Trump is Antichrist; what more be said?

According to 1 John defining who is the Antichrist, Trump fits the bill. He has distorted the Bible time and again to push hate on fellow Americans. He is racist in his speeches. He attacks women, Muslims and all of God's creation.

He is against Micah 6:8, ignores Deuteronomy 10:19, makes a mockery of Matthew 25:40 and hates John 13:34-35.

Trump has a history of destroying what was taught in the Sermon of the Mount. Nor does he respect the Ten Commandments. I cannot vote such a scurrilous man.

Since he has been in office, hate groups have grown and hate crimes risen because his rhetoric encourages them.

Trump doesn't care for us in the way he handled the virus. He is not a leader. He does not take responsibility.

Then, he had peaceful demonstrators tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets as he visited St. John's Episcopal, where he never asked permission to go. He did not pray, just held up a Bible that did not belong to him. That is so evil. That is being an Antichrist. God will judge him for all his misdeeds. No more of this nonsense.

Tom Boughan

Cowan, Tennessee