Stop acting selfishly; think of others, too

Just a few thoughts you might could use: We Americans are a spoiled and selfish group of people. We are so accustomed to doing anything we want to. We are resistant to being told to do or not to do anything.

Stay at home, wear a mask, avoid groups, etc. We do not stop and consider that these instructions, and others, are for the good of all.

This problem is not one for just a city, county, state or even a country. It is for the entire world.

Up until now the world has only come together during war time. This is another kind of war, and it is affecting every country everywhere.

Wake up, people, and think of others as well as yourself. If we all do our part, surely things will improve instead of continuing to deteriorate.

Jerry K. Stubbs


Statue removal act of dictatorships

I oppose the removal of statues and monuments deemed unacceptable by Black Lives Matter and others. Such action serves to erase history, especially from the minds of young Americans.

Removal of memories of past aspects of our national life is the act of dictatorships, especially totalitarian ones.

I'm tired of hearing and seeing budding Stalinists and social bullies demanding what can be seen and not seen in public.

Harry Geller


Isn't it time to be kind to one another?

Since when is it a crime to walk down a road? Have I missed this law being enacted? I realize our policemen are on alert ... and more aware of danger, but a man walking down a road has the right to walk down that road!

He was handcuffed by four policemen. But he did resist, which was a mistake. But did he deserve to be beaten like a dog? No sir!

Come on people, get your common sense back in perspective and be kind to one another. I am so ready for all the insanity to stop.

Debbie Pataky

Lookout Mountain, Ga.


Check out Duckworth as Biden VP pick

According to the Social Security Administration, a man age 77 has a life expectancy of about 9.5 years. In the view of some, we septuagenarians shouldn't buy green bananas. Which brings me to Joe Biden and his choice of a vice presidential running mate. A week or so ago, The New York Times had a full page "Who's Who" of Biden's prospective VP candidates. At first read, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice and Elizabeth Warren stood out. However, further into that NYT issue, columnist Frank Bruni authored a portrait of Tammy Duckworth, age 52, that one should read, if possible.

In summary, Duckworth, a U.S. senator from Illinois, was a two-term congresswoman, a former director of the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs and a retired Army lieutenant colonel helicopter pilot who lost both legs in combat while serving in Iraq. If that were not enough, she has a graduate degree in international affairs and is the only U.S. senator to give birth while in office.

As for her being Biden's running mate, after reading his piece and additional research, it is hard to disagree with Bruni that "Duckworth ... is a choice that makes exquisite emotional and moral sense. Largely, but not entirely, because of that, she makes strategic sense, too."

Richard Gossett