GOP lapdogs are pathetic cowards

Tennessee was once known for coon dogs. Now our claim to fame is producing lapdogs. I am speaking of our lame Sens. Blackburn and Alexander. Our state is in dire need of leadership, but we are stuck with two lemmings, whose minds are controlled by Moscow Mitch and Trump.

We have learned from Jim Mattis, John Kelley, Rex Tillerson and now John Bolton that we are being misled by a president who is corrupt, emotionally unstable and intellectually unfit. Alexander and Blackburn voted to acquit this unstable misfit without even calling for witnesses.

Alexander admitted that Trump was guilty of seeking foreign interference from Ukraine to compromise our elections. Thanks to Bolton, we know he also asked China to interfere.

Because of Republican cowardice, we continue to suffer with a president who is corrupt and incompetent. In the face of racial unrest, he makes it worse with threats and insults of protesters. In the face of a deadly pandemic, he equivocates and denies its very existence as 120,000 Americans die.

Republican senators own this horrible failure. I only hope they will be held to account for their cowardice. This body count will continue until America has leadership again.

Terry Stulce



Marco Perez will be school board asset

I'm saddened Kathy Lennon is not a candidate for re-election. As a teacher, she has educational insights needed on the Board of Education. Her vision for local education was on track with our award-winning superintendent, Bryan Johnson.

One does not know what's in a man's heart, but we read Facebook, and Tom Decosimo's [page] scares me to death. Using a poster on his, it reads, "Calling Students — PROTEST — Against Police Brutality — Silent & Nonviolent" (with a black fist).

Kathy approves [of] this as I do. By innuendo, Decosimo used it to make a decent woman look worse than a Black Panther, and by extension, Marco Perez, the candidate she supports.

Decosimo stated, "I don't think any other comment is necessary." I do. I use my brain. Further, he stated, "Is this the strident attitude we want our children to adopt?"

Absolutely. Educators always encourage student involvement as a learning tool. Nevertheless, Decosimo's "post" appeals to conservative racists who would set us back.

Marco Perez, a successful businessman, involved in our schools with his children in attendance, knows what's going on. Therefore, I will be voting for him in school District 2.

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.

Signal Mountain


Tom Decosimo offers disciplined leadership

I have read that UTC did a study and found that only 32% +/- of graduating HCDE students are ready for higher education (UTC study in Dec. 2019), and a measure of the remaining 68% are functionally illiterate. That is pathetic. If this is a small fractional reflection on the state of our national education system, it explains an awful lot about what is going on these days.

If the report is accurate, it is reasonable to conclude that what we are doing isn't working. Further, [that] three out of 10 are qualified to attend Chattanooga State without remedial help is absolute failure.

I do know that if you want to get somewhere as a HCDE student, you certainly can for the fruit is low hanging and free. All you need is a little gumption. However, for those 15-year-olds who are highly distracted like I was, you're one of the seven with a head start on failure in life. Unacceptable.

While all board members and candidates for the school board deserve heaping applause, the status quo thinking needs to evaporate. I believe we need enforceable rules in the classroom and, yes, adjustment of our top-heavy system. Mid-level administrator (hall monitors) salaries being twice that of the math teacher is ridiculous. We need a new direction.

Tom Decosimo is a disciplined, patient, good man with a big heart. He will bring fiscally reasoned, intelligent and steady compassion to the Board of Education. I firmly believe that a District 2 vote for Tom Decosimo this Aug. 6 is a vital next step in a new, correct, direction.

Savage Glascock Sr.

Signal Mountain