Face mask mandate editorial ridiculous

I acknowledge and support the need for the new mask ordinance and taking stronger precautions to reverse the current trend of COVID-19.

However, The Chattanooga Times editorial view that this is months overdue is ridiculous. The TFP has been irresponsible in its coverage of the pandemic all along by sensationalizing any negative story or data and not reporting positive results. This is causing irreparable harm to local businesses and the community at large for which the paper serves.

For instance, reviewing Tennessee counties with populations over 50,000, Hamilton County on a per capita basis ranks 7th for total cases, 9th for hospitalizations and 8th for deaths, as of July 6. And yet we have continually been listed on the TFP timeline as a driving force in negative outcomes in both Tennessee and the United States.

Also, please quit blaming the reopening of businesses on the recent spike when young adults are the primary group driving the recent spread as reported by CNN. Mayor Jim Coppinger acted responsibly based on the data to protect the health of our citizens as well as the economy of Hamilton County.

Johnny O'Brien


Marco Perez will move schools forward

One of the most sacred privileges we have in America is voting. I vote for the person who will move our nation forward. This begins on the local level. Our school boards and the education of our children are paramount.

The future of our nation's progress depends on a well- educated populace. All our children, whether white, black, brown or yellow, must be afforded a quality education. Local school excellence reflects who we are as a community. Our superintendent, Dr. Bryan Johnson, has been recognized, by his peers, as one of the most outstanding superintendents in the Southeast. He is moving us in the right direction.

Tom Decosimo says he wants to "Get our school board back into the hands of people with conservative values." Does that mean he wants to take us back to a time when educational advancement suffered? That's not acceptable in 2020.

Marco Perez wants to take us forward, not backward. I will mark my ballot for Marco Perez in school board District 2, and I ask you to do the same.

Susan Blank

Signal Mountain


Decosimo is best pick for District 2 schools

As a married father of two with a third on the way, I have a very vested interest in the District 2 school board race. My children, though all under the age of 5, will be attending the public school system in my district in the coming years. I care deeply about the education my children receive.

What I admire most about Tom Decosimo is his ability to be both opportunistic and sympathetic — two character qualities that are rarely found in public office. As a candidate you have to want to seize an opportunity, you have to put yourself out there and put your true self on display. If given the chance to take on the position, you must remain sympathetic. A candidate is, after all, voted on by the members in his/her district to represent their views and beliefs.

If you don't remain sympathetic to those needs, you will not remain. I see great value in a man such as Tom Decosimo. Tom has shown a clear ability throughout his life and career to remain opportunistic and sympathetic. I genuinely believe that Tom has the best interests of our children in mind. I would encourage any family in District 2 to look at Tom for the District 2 school board seat.

Ben Daugherty

Signal Mountain