AP writers missed patriotic message

Last Sunday I felt sorry for Lynn Berry and Aamer Madhani, authors of The Associated Press front-page TFP article, "On Fourth, Trump slams enemies within."

I watched and listened carefully to the president's speech and felt great pride and joy in being an American. It was inspiring to hear the history and recognition of those who have made this nation so great.

The two writers of the article missed so much in focusing on a negative perspective.

How true it is that a person carrying the baggage of hatred hurts themselves so much more than the one they hate. The bulk of President Trump's speech was to honor the great heritage we have as Americans, and it is unfortunate for some to totally miss the inspiration and encouragement to continue making strides to become an even better nation.

The haters of America, or President Trump, were the big losers as they missed the blessing, as did some of the media that pushed this narrative rather than seeing the positive thrust of the speech.

John Dekle



Help all of us protect the freedom to breathe

Just imagine how you wished you'd worn your mask because now you're hardly able to breathe, you can't even get out of bed without losing your breath, let alone get to the bathroom or do any of your normal activities. Your body is achy, you're fatigued, you have the worst headache, you've got GI issues, some nausea, you can't stop coughing, your temperature is through the roof and you're hypoxic — your lungs aren't working well enough to provide an adequate amount of oxygen to your organs that need it to function, and there's nobody you know there to hold your hand. And you're wondering how many of your friends and family you infected before you knew you were sick. You're scared to death about the lingering effects.

If you're passive about all this, then you're pro-virus, you're on the side of this invisible enemy. And if you're OK with every bit of this, then hey, don't wear a mask. Freedom!

Kerry Lansford


Justice Roberts blew the Espinoza opinion

The unfortunate opinion given by Chief Justice Roberts in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue that religious schools were wrongly denied a benefit given to others, just because they are religious, totally ignores the establishment clause of the First Amendment. If religion can make a claim on the public treasury, the way is open for larger claims for government support of its positions.

We too easily forget the millions of reformers whose lives were spent like water for the privilege of freedom of worship.

Richard Burns

Cleveland, Tennessee


Trump supporters see good in presidency

To the writer of a July 3 letter, "Stymied over support for incapable president":

You call Trump supporters lemmings. Are Biden's supporters lemmings?

The silent majority saw their country being destroyed by Obama and his followers.

Trump is brash and loud. Will not take guff of self-proclaimed reporters. I don't like everything about Trump, but he's doing an excellent job with the continuing coup attempt by radicals. He is a patriot.

Obama said he would fundamentally change America. Translation: I hate America.

Divisive? Have you forgotten when Obama made the statement, if they (Republicans) are against what we stand for, they are the enemy. Talk about divisive.

You love to engage (not discuss). Translation: They are stupid and I desire to thrash them.

Trump stock market sets records, employment at all-time high, minority's employment all-time high, 4.8 million new jobs (June), very good trade deals.

Vote for Biden and be a puppet for the likes of Soros.

Herbert Braswell


Mask up, protect us all from COVID-19

Recently, while shopping at a local Spring City store, I was surprised at the absence of any visible measures to protect either the customers or their employees from contracting COVID-19. None of the workers were wearing face masks; no barriers in front of the cash registers; no "social distancing" reminders, not even hand sanitizers. When I asked one of the employees why no one was wearing a face mask, I was advised that it wasn't required and besides, she wasn't sick. When I mentioned that many infected individuals have no symptoms and suggested their lack of action might put at risk the health of their customers, she said that was just my opinion. While many businesses in our area have taken steps to help prevent the spread of the disease, some unfortunately and irresponsibly have not.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press has done an outstanding job of trying to inform the public of the critical importance of following the COVID-19 protocols, including social distancing and the wearing of face coverings in public. Unfortunately too many seem to think these steps are somehow a curtailment of their individual rights when in fact failure to follow these guidelines is an infringement on the rights and personal well-being of others. It is past time everyone takes this pandemic seriously!

William Barber

Spring City, Tennessee


Calling out a questionable query

I just finished reading last Sunday's letter, "Consider: Stacy Abrams president!" Although I found his attempts to make his point laughable, I was quite shocked (or not shocked) at his final point: "Now try to imagine the possibility of someone like Stacy Abrams president of the United States." I wonder (or not wonder) what kind of person the writer thinks Stacy Abrams is "like"?

President Obama? Hope so. John Lewis? Hope so. James Clyburn? Hope so. Kamala Harris? Hope so.

Denise Cunningham



Honeybees buzzing in new, safe home

A few weeks ago when the COVID-19 crisis came into full swing, I confronted a secondary crisis with the unwelcome visitation of hundreds of honeybees in my house. A swarm was finding entry underneath the exterior siding of the house and ultimately the interior. Honeybees are endangered yet are virtually harmless unless aggravated. They are needed in the pollination process, and of course, the production of honey is a by-product.

Interestingly enough, a friend told me that the very day I discovered the bees, she had read in this newspaper a letter to the editor from Brian Hamilton of the Tennessee Valley Beekeepers Association.

My call to him prompted him to come identify and confirm the type of bees, and put me in contact with the beekeepers who came with proper equipment and protective attire. During a fascinating, three-hour process, they removed the bees and combs from my house.

Thanks to this free service by these experts, my house is bee-free, and the bees are in an appropriate place where hives can thrive.

Janet Reeve


Statues say far more about Southern values

The argument over Confederate monuments is the same everywhere. To believe these statues stand for "all" ancestors that never returned from the war is nonsense. They clearly are Confederate statues that honor people that fought to perpetuate slavery. When they were originally dedicated, it was done to perpetuate the idea of white supremacy. No amount of modern day sophistry by the United Daughters of the Confederacy can change that.

Keeping the statues is a microcosm of the mentality why people in the South voted for somebody so unfit to be president as Donald Trump. It is the failure to differentiate truth from fiction or right from wrong born of the lack of rigorous intellectual examination. Yes, I can use 21st-century thinking to judge 19th-century motives.

They were wrong then; the daughters are wrong now. Daughters of what? It screams racism. Looking at and living life today through the lens of a Civil War mentality is why most in the South are so far behind intellectually and economically as well as in health and social well-being.

David Bean

Chatsworth, Georgia