We are all sick over virus, politics

As of late, it seems that the COVID-19 is starting to affect people's brains.

BLM: Really? What about all these kids killed lately in major U.S. cities? I reckon those lives don't really matter.

Cancel culture: OK, I get it! Historical revisionists hate Confederate statutes (and everything else American). Perhaps in communities dominated by minorities, a change may be in order. Confederate statues and memorials should be relocated to Civil War battlefield national parks based on context.

Confederates as Nazis: Huh? The Nazis invaded everybody in World War II. The Confederate South was invaded by the North. Go figure.

Confederates as Nazis II: Confederate statues commemorate soldiers/generals, not slavery. As to the Nazis, I have seen in Austria a small memorial with a list of locals who died in WWII. Berlin, captured by the Soviets in WWII, still has non-Nazi imperial German monuments throughout the city.

Mount Rushmore: On the first, forgetaboutit! It stays.

Ronald Williams


Encourage, don't stifle debate

The ability to conceive, articulate and debate ideas in the public is fundamental to a healthy democracy. It's hard mental work, but we all benefit individually and as a group from regularly challenging our own assumptions about what we believe and why.

That's why I was deeply disappointed to read that the chairman of the Chattanooga City Council was stifling public debate of a proposal to deprioritize policing in Chattanooga through administrative and budgetary changes. According to a Sunday Times Free Press article, Chairman Chip Henderson did this because he has "no tolerance for [the group's] socialist views."

This is unacceptable. Right now our democracy is suffering from decades of deferred maintenance, and we need more debate of ideas in the public, not less. I am not a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, the group that made the proposal to the council. However, I am an American who supports Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the national parks system, publicly funded state colleges and universities and universal public K-12 education. I wonder if Mr. Henderson has no tolerance for these socialist ideas either?

Matt Portwood



David Cook's world depresses reader

In response to the recent writer who complained about columnists Jay Greeson and wanted more David Cook, I will just say it appears to me that David Cook lives in such a depressed state of mind that I actually worry about him sometimes. If I read more than his first paragraph, then I also start to feel depressed. But with Jay Greeson, if he and I were stranded alone on a deserted island, we would have plenty to talk about and have fun in the process.

About the recent polling showing Trump behind Biden, I personally know at least 15-20 folks who intentionally give answers to pollsters that are not the way they would vote (and I am one of them). Therefore, I can't put much stock in polls.

Lastly, regarding the upcoming presidential election, once again I think significant numbers of voters are being put in the position of voting not for a candidate but against the other candidate (not unlike 2016). One is not a politician (which I see as a positive), and the other is a career politician who can't seem to put two thoughts together without stumbling.

P.D. Jones



City, country do not need socialist proposals

About the recent article concerning Democratic Socialists of America "proposals" to the city council, we don't need socialists or their "proposals" in Chattanooga or anywhere else in our country. America, love it or leave it!

Philip Haymaker Sr.