Schools do not need to reopen this year

To President Donald Trump, Sens. Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn, and Rep. Chuck Fleischmann: Please reconsider the decision to open schools this year. If our children and grandchildren have to go to school this year, and they catch the coronavirus and they are sick and/or dying in the hospital and families cannot be with them, it would be heartbreaking.

Please don't let schools open this year.

Think about how hard it will be to face voters when your decision plays such a big role in their sickness or death.

Randy Rogers


Put your cartoonist out to pasture

I can't tell you how refreshing it was to open a recent Sunday paper and not have to gag because of the Clay Bennett "cartoon."

While the man is a very good artist, his hate-filled venom is always sickening. While the president is no saint, neither are any of us.

Please do not disgrace your good publication with any more of his cartoons. They are not funny or educating. On a positive note, I do thoroughly enjoy the crossword puzzles.

Michael Chambers

Cleveland, Tennessee


District 2 will benefit from Perez's priorities

We're writing to encourage District 2 residents to join us in voting for Marco Perez for Hamilton County Board of Education.

The school board elections are nonpartisan for a reason. We need a school board that champions collaboration and open communications. We need Marco Perez on the school board. Marco believes every voice matters. He will listen to students, teachers, administrators and taxpayers. He will bring to the school board the mindset of a successful businessman and the heart of a parent with children currently attending our public schools.

Marco Perez will strive to give every student ample opportunity to be successful in school and beyond. He will insist that every school provides a safe environment that promotes and ensures the well-being of all, during our current crisis and for years to come.

Vote for Marco Perez, the best candidate for today and for our future.

Jim and Annie Hall

Signal Mountain


Decosimo embodies 'servant leadership'

I served for eight years as the Hamilton County commissioner for District 2. During my tenure, it became evident to me that people run for public office for two primary reasons. They run either for themselves because they seek recognition, financial gain, or an ego boost, or they run because they truly desire to serve the public. Tom Decosimo is most certainly in the latter category.

Tom's record for leadership and community service is exemplary. He served on the boards of Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, Girls, Inc., Chambliss Home, Bible in the Schools, Creative Discovery Museum, and he is a member of the Chattanooga Downtown Rotary Club. Additionally, Tom served two terms as the chairman for the United Way and of Richmont Graduate University/Chattanooga Bible Institute. All of Tom's community service has been voluntary and unpaid; he performed those duties out of a desire to serve the community he loves, not for financial gain or individual glory.

Tom will provide the representation that we need on the school board, not only for District 2 but also for Hamilton County. I urge you to vote for Tom Decosimo — a true servant leader.

Jim Fields