Trump still the one for all the country

In reference to the article in Sunday's paper, July 12, regarding statues and Southern values, I wish to respond. Many people in the South, as well as the North, voted for Donald Trump. In my opinion, there was no other choice. In the upcoming election, he is still the best choice. If the author of the article is so unhappy in the South, maybe he should make plans to move.

Patricia Schenck


Wear a mask; get rid of this virus

Sunday's Times-Free Press had two excellent letters regarding masks during this chaotic time, one written by Gary Smith and the second by Kim Collum. I would very much like to echo each of those letters. They, in my opinion, really spelled out the simplicity of wearing a mask and the reason for doing so. Granted they are not comfortable, they are hot and steam my glasses, but if it helps protect me from others and them from me, then just do the simple thing and wear them.

The more we cooperate, perhaps the sooner we may go back to a more normal life.

Melvin Willett


Decosimo's heart, head right for board

I am writing in support of Tom Decosimo in the upcoming election for Hamilton County school board, District 2. I know Tom to be a man of impeccable integrity who loves his family, his country, and his community, and wants an opportunity-filled future for every student in our county. He also has the skills to help achieve the goal of preparing students for a successful future. As a CPA and longtime business leader, Tom has the expertise to understand the complex budget of a large school district and to guide the board in putting funds provided by the citizens to their highest and best use — in the classroom. He also understands that schools are not parents or community organizations but that schools need to work with both to truly educate our children. With both a head for business and a heart for people, Tom Decosimo is needed on our school board.

Tina J. Benkiser


Perez will best represent me

I have a simple test for whom I will vote in any election: "Who will best represent me?"

As a mom of a school-age child, I need someone who is current and in the trenches with me during these chaotic and stressful times — someone who is living and sharing my experiences.

I want someone who can see the entire picture and someone who will look at my child's education from all angles, not just at what they can cut.

I need someone who will, at the very least, not complicate my job any more than it already is. The quality of my child's education is at stake.

This isn't a 2010 world. Marco Perez gets that. What works, moving forward, is going to be different than in years past, and is going to require a flexible mind. Mr. Perez is living the same life as my family, and as far as I'm concerned, that puts him at the top of my candidate list for the District 2 school board representative.

Jacqueline Benkert

Signal Mountain