NYT columnist ignores plague of violence

New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg worries that "the occupation of American cities has begun" (July 22 commentary, page B6). In language reminiscent of William Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," she describes federal troops in Portland, Oregon, audaciously arresting a man for no reason (and then later releasing him), another man injured by a projectile, and a third (a veteran, no less!) pepper sprayed. From this vast database, she concludes that we are on the verge of tyranny, authoritarianism, and of course, fascism.

Her argument would have a smidgen of credibility if she had even once acknowledged the nightly chaos and mayhem in Portland, the vandalism and the attacks on businesses and government buildings and on those fellow citizens who commit to enforcing the law as police. But not once does she ask who are these masked and helmeted people who have taken to the streets every night for the past two months, nor does she ask for what purpose or what cause they're "protesting." Until she and her ilk acknowledge this nihilistic rampage, her plea is hollow and without merit.

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Support network helps gun violence survivors

We are bearing witness to historic change and transition here in Chattanooga. We are bearing witness to activism and a spirit through BLM work and protests not seen since the Civil Rights movement.

We are also living in an historic crisis brought on by COVID-19. One thing that has remained the same however, as noted in TFP's July 20 front page, is the amount of gun violence that plagues our communities.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America began a local group of volunteers in Chattanooga in 2016. We are not anti-gun, but we are anti-gun violence. We advocate for stronger laws and policies that will reduce gun violence and work in our communities to create a culture of gun safety. We also work to create a network of gun violence survivors, a place for these survivors to find their voice to advocate for change.

This trauma is not going to stop without your help. We ask that you join us. Please get involved by texting READY to 644-33.

Jamie Gaines

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America volunteer, Signal Mountain


Trump's concern is 'all about him'

So, President Trump has declared wearing a mask "patriotic" and wants to resume daily news briefings on coronavirus. This is not the result of more than 3 million cases and more than 140,000 deaths in the U.S., or in some areas, waiting hours in line to get tested and then weeks to get results. Nor is it the result of some hospitals nearing ICU capacity or already having reached capacity.

No, this is a result of his sinking poll numbers and Joe Biden's double-digit lead over him in national polls. This is a result of his not being able to hold rallies to feed his insatiable ego.

He wants to hold daily news briefings to hijack the scientific experts and control the message. After all, he said his previous news briefings got the highest ratings in cable TV and that 5 p.m. was a "good time slot." If that doesn't tell you this is all about him, you're being played.

Rebecca Rochat