Tune out negatives; focus on positives

If it's hard to find happiness and satisfaction in life, maybe you're focused on the wrong things. In today's world of a pandemic, political hostility and harsh weather, look inward to your emotional life and focus on the good. Turn off the world, TV and internet, and all their negatives, and use that time to think and act in ways to keep you focused on the positive parts of your life.

When you have hurt, fear, anger, resentments and emotional pain, ask yourself if these are the most important things in your life. You can let go of these by deciding that though they're real, they keep you from the positive. Decide on the best ways to change, or seek advice on ways to change. By no longer focusing on them, you will have time and energy to work on positive things.

You cannot change the world — only God can — but alter how you interact with it. Taking time to meditate on the good gives you energy to make necessary changes. Christians should change focus from biblical commandments to Jesus' example and teachings. Pray to God to receive the Holy Spirit's gifts.

Roger A. Meyer


Vote Perez: It's about the children

Vote Marco Perez. Although I am not in District 2, I would appreciate your vote for Marco Perez for school board. Marco has a vested interest in our public schools and will always put all students and teachers first. He has taken the time to drive to each of the schools in his district, which to me shows he will work hard for our schools. Please go to his website and read his platform.

He has also run a positive campaign, focusing on the needs of our students and teachers, unlike his opponent and his supporters. Our schools have enough going on right now without all the negativity. We need positivity from the candidates and their supporters. This is not about partisanship, i.e., liberals versus conservatives. It is about our children. Let's keep this race positive and vote the right person for the job — Marco Perez.

Vicki Hill, Hixson


Decosimo needed for school board

For more than 50 years, the name Decosimo has been synonymous with service in our city and throughout our community. Mother, father, sister, brother all have played a role in improving the lives of our citizens through individual effort and public service. They understand the importance of working together to improve this wonderful place we call home.

Now, Tom Decosimo has offered himself as a candidate for the District 2 seat on the Hamilton County Board of Education. Tom is running not as a Republican or as a Democrat but appropriately and importantly as an American. He is doing this not for personal or political gain but rather to make every effort to ensure that the children of our county and his District 2 have the very best education possible.

Tom has been my friend for many years. We have worked together on countless projects. I know how dedicated he is to the task at hand and to achieving results through leadership and cooperation. He will do his part, and I urge you to do your part by supporting Tom Decosimo as your choice for the District 2 representative on our Hamilton County Board of Education.

Marshal D. Mize, Signal Mountain