Trump's inaction has had deadly results

A letter to the editor this week discussing Trump's character as "antisocial personality disorder" deserves "I second the motion" because I am of that same opinion.

A frightful example of his disorder is the fact his COVID-19 inaction contributed to the death of at least 36,000 Americans. That number is those who died from the time Trump was advised by his own experts and our country's intelligence community there was a need for urgent action to try to mitigate the spread of the virus.

He refused recommendations, predicted the virus would be minimal, would simply disappear, was actually not more than the flu, etc.; not until March did he appear to change his dismissiveness, follow recommendations and announce new guidelines for Americans to follow. That was too late for 36,000 Americans.

From a May 2020 analysis by Columbia University, "the U.S. could have prevented roughly 36,000 deaths from COVID-19 if broad social distancing measures had been put in place just one week earlier in March."

Trump's sociopathy has not expressed any sincere remorse for the dead, sympathy or empathy for their families, demonstrating textbook classic sociopathic behavior which is villainous and, yes, scary.

Calvin Calhoun, Ooltewah


Decosimo can offer dependable leadership

I was pleased to cast a vote for Tom Decosimo for the District 2 school board seat this week.

The next four years are likely going to be challenging for both Hamilton County and the Department of Education's budget. We have the privilege of voting for a man who has decades of experience guiding large organizations both as an executive and a board member. Tom has experience guiding organizations during times in which the future may not be as certain and clear as one would hope. His years of dependable, steady leadership in Hamilton County — leading both public boards and private companies —will be a huge asset for us.

Tom has excellent relationships and years of knowledge working with the Hamilton County Commission. That will be important as the Department of Education works with the commission on budgeting and other financial needs. Tom will represent the students, teachers, citizens and taxpayers of our county in a manner in which we can be proud and serve as wise counsel to Dr. Bryan Johnson and the school board over the next four years.

Please join me in voting for Tom Decosimo for District 2 school board.

Bob Linehart


Perez is the preferred choice for school board

I'm surprised ... but maybe not ... by the attacks on District 2 school board candidate Marco Perez.

I have read with amusement the number of letters claiming that his opponent "has a heart." Why are these folks trying to convince us of the candidate's emotion? I also notice the candidate advertises "his courage." Apparently not when it comes to distancing himself from the less than patriotic groups who attacked Mr. Perez with derogatory and false accusations.

The District 2 voters are better than that. Please show the community that we want decency represented on the school board by voting for Marco Perez.

Eugenia D'. Allderdice, Signal Mountain